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Sean Hancock was born in 1977 in Oxford, England. He lived in London and Kenya before his family settled in Devon where Sean spent his formative years. His mother is from Somalia, East Africa, and his father is English.

Sean's parents separated when he was still a child and his father Graham brought him up. At sixteen, Sean moved to London to live with his mother who had since remarried and had more children. Meeting new brothers and sisters for the first time, and living in the big city, was a massive culture shock for Sean. He had not been successful at school in Devon but retook his exams at a college in London where he finally found his feet and excelled, and went on to Cardiff University where he studied Ancient History.

After graduating he got a job as a researcher in television and went on to have a successful career in the media industry. In 2010, after a decade working as a freelance producer, Sean joined the BBC as a commissioning editor in entertainment. Among other notable shows, and during his four years with the corporation, Sean commissioned and executive produced The Revolution Will Be Televised, which won the BAFTA for Best Comedy Programme. In 2014, Sean's career took him to Los Angeles. He still lives there with his wife Simone and works for Netflix.

In 2017, Sean released a young adult sci-fi novel, The Flooding, which was also a Kindle Scout Winner. Since then Sean has re-worked and updated his first novel, Trick, which is available now.

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