About H. R. Brown

Born: Leeds, 1977
Education: BSc Hons III; Mathematics, University of Manchester, 1999

H. R. Brown is either a gestalt entity or a functioning schizophrenic, depending on your viewpoint. The main constituent characters which comprise this man are; Poet, Pirate, Logician, Cynic and Horny Toad, but by no means in that order.

He has worked variously as a farm hand, non-paid teaching assistant, car valet, warehouse hand helping sell farm supplies, floor mopper in the oven section of a tumble-dryer factory, box factory shipping assistant, fibre-glass packer and binman. He has also done shifts crewing for the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, there was one paid strip-act and he sang in a couple of ill-fated rock bands. Since the turn of the century he has done mostly office work, as well as one paid day as an official minibus driver. Most recently, it has been his honour to work for the magnificent Arc Publications.

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