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Australian by birth, Gordon White’s family has strong connections to the wider South Pacific thanks to his grandfather’s experience in colonial administration in Nauru and New Guinea. He spent much of his early years exploring and diving in Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia.

Gordon first became interested in western occultism at the age of thirteen, following a series of intense dream experiences, and this interest became a lifelong pursuit.

His esoteric leanings found an inspirational overlap with his exploration of the Pacific following the publication of Graham Hancock’s classic Fingerprint of the Gods. This led him to study documentary production at a university level, film an underwater documentary about Nan Madol and then go on to work for BBC Magazines, Discovery Channel and news media companies in both hemispheres.

After moving to London, he held senior data and analytics positions in global media companies, as well as starting a chaos magic blog and podcast called Rune Soup… which ultimately led to the publication of his first three books, Star.Ships: A Prehistory of the Spirits, The Chaos Protocols and Pieces of Eight.

Over the course of this journey, Gordon has had the privilege of speaking to some of the world’s leading authorities in Assyriology, religious studies, genetic research, Hermeticism, psi research, the history of western magic and ufology.

The overriding mission of his work is an attempt to cohere an evidence-based western magical worldview that combines history, paranormal research, the best available scientific research and ufology.

Fun trivia about Gordon:

  • He has been in both the actual DeLorean from Back To The Future and the Batmobile from the original Adam West series.

  • He is distantly related to Sir Isaac Newton.

  • He accidentally ended up at the same party as Prince Harry.

  • He has lived on two volcanoes.

  • He has dived on a sunken city.

  • Sir Richard Branson once bought him a bottle of champagne.

  • He is obsessed with sharks.

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