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Alex Chionetti has been exploring our world since he was a teenager. Fascinated with world mysteries since the eighties, he focused his expeditions on the High Andes, following clues related to the possible colonies of Atlantis, in the Markawasi plateau, and under the earth in the system of the Tayos Caves.

Alex Chionetti, is an award-winning journalist, researcher, explorer, and filmmaker. Born in Argentina, he immigrated to the United States to continue his studies in different schools, including MIT, USC, and UCLA. Early on, he worked with legendary filmmaker Roger Corman. His research life ever since has been devoted to lost civilizations, extra-terrestrial visitations in both past and present times, and solving scientific enigmas. He was a disciple of the late Dr Joseph Allen Hynek, the pioneer astronomer and ufologists who coined the term "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." Dr Hynek considered Chionetti to be "the most active field researcher I knew."

As a global explorer, Alex has devoted almost 30 years to field research, including three expeditions to a caves system in the Amazon Jungle that present evidence of advanced ancient civilization. 

During the last decade, he discovered two Pre Inca cities along the Santa Eulalia's Valley of Peru (2003,2009). Also exploring the Chilean high desert, he found figures and lines related to the Nazca lines, in its south-eastern geoglyph projection. In 2016 he discovered with two other American archaeological divers, the remains of a XIX century vessel that sunk off the Atlantic coast of New Jersey. Later, he developed expeditions in search of British explorer Percy Fawcett's remains, which led to the discoveries of megalithic sunken cites and walls in the Cuban Caribbean. 

Alex is a member of The Explorers Club, and he has been a consultant for the lecture committee, focusing on South American /Latin American exploration. He received the Medal of Exploration by the Andean Exploration Foundation, founded by Gene Savoy.

As a producer, Alex's documentaries have been broadcast on Fox, NBC, A&E, History Channel, Sci-Fi Channel, and other networks. His work as an editor and contributing editor includes hundreds of articles and scientific essays published in newspapers and specialized magazines in several languages. 

Alex Chionetti was one of the original and first developers of the Ancient Aliens's pilot and first two seasons with his original conceptual ideas based on his research to create episodes such as "Mysterious Worlds". He brought, for the first time, to American audiences, subjects such as "The Zone of Silence" (Mexico), the "Markawasi Platteau", the "Hayu Marka Door" (Peru) and later "Underground Aliens". 

He is author of the books Mundos ParalelosUFOs, An Air Force Dilemma and Mysteries of the Tayos Caves.

For contact: patagonianexpress@hotmail.com / Linkedin: alex chionetti

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