Resurrection and the New Creation

Finding the Tree of Life

God the Father and the Tree of Life

The Answer to the Game

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
John 1:1 King James Bible

“And the Word was God.” Within those five words may be found the unfathomable mystery of existence itself. The New Testament has at least 147 verses that reference some variation of “for it is written” or “in order for the scriptures to be fulfilled.” I’ve counted them all and written them down. The Bible goes out of its way to inform the reader that history is following a script. Why does the Bible put such great emphasis on this fact? Let’s hold that thought for the time being. The secret is in the words themselves. Perhaps even God Himself is hiding in the words, hiding in plain sight, in expression itself.

Artificial Intelligence permanently breached the popular zeitgeist in recent years and doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. It’s been around since the first half of the 20th century, and movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey envisioned a pretty bleak relationship between the thinking machines and the human race. Isn’t it curious how, in 1968, the black monolith Stanley Kubrick used to symbolize extraterrestrial nonhuman intelligence looked just like a smartphone? Down to the exact dimensions of those portable brains we carry in our pockets when we aren’t staring at them to decide which video we want to watch next via the wireless neural link. The mystery is in the words. The secret to the mystery will be revealed in the relationship the words have with each other over the course of history. What is most amazing of all is the fact that we can see this playing out in real time right before our very eyes!

From 2001 A Space Odyssey (1968) – Trailer (PD0)

The Apostle Paul characterizes the gospel of Jesus Christ as a mystery kept hidden from before the beginning of Time that will soon be revealed and is in the process of being revealed to the world. There are at least 30 verses in the Pauline epistles where he expounds this mystery with unbounded excitement. Mystery, mystery, mystery! Paul can hardly contain himself! We are living in strange times indeed, and the full unveiling of the mystery of all mysteries is upon us.

The mathematician and computer scientist John von Neumann first coined the term “technological singularity” in 1950. It didn’t take the pioneers in artificial intelligence and computer science very long to realize that technology, with the help of artificial intelligence, was advancing at such an exponential clip that even in the first half of the 20th century, it was not difficult to foresee a day in the not-too-distant future where human beings could no longer maintain a symbiotic relationship with technology. It was clear from the get-go that technology would eventually reach a point where even the smartest human beings could scarcely hold a candle to the computational powers of the thinking machines. This point, this place, this concept, this event, is known as the technological singularity. The operative word here is singularity. The mystery will be revealed in the words.

Alan Turing, widely considered the godfather of artificial intelligence, while breaking codes for the British and United States military during World War II, devised something he called the imitation game, or the Turing test. The Turing test established the parameters by which we can know when artificial intelligence has met and exceeded the human race’s ability to maintain a symbiotic relationship with technology. The Turing test is met and exceeded once artificial intelligence can simulate or imitate what we have hitherto referred to as “reality” with such precision and sophistication that we don’t know the difference with our five senses between what is “real” and what is faked.

In 2014, The Imitation Game, a movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, came out in theaters. Right around that same time, I started noticing more and more YouTube videos pertaining to this concept of the technological singularity popping up as suggested viewing on my computer and smartphone. It was also the time frame when our smartphones were starting to make leaps and bounds in advancement that were increasingly noticeable over short periods of time. As our world continues its radical transformation through artificial intelligence into a “Brave New World,” it’s easy to lose track of the fact that this explosion in rapidly advancing technology has only reached quantum speeds in recent years. These terms are relative and subjective, but I believe the feeling is shared among a consensus. In the simplest terms, the past ten years have been, to quote, the beloved and late psychonaut Terence McKenna before he left his mortal coil in 2000, “indescribable beyond belief”.

For example, seven months ago, Donald Trump sat down with Joe Rogan to do a podcast. Or did he? I have played snippets of this simulated conversation generated by artificial intelligence in front of an audience of 50 people, under the pretense that it was real, only to prove the point that not one single person in the audience had any suspicions that it was fake. People were commenting on how they didn’t know Donald Trump was such a huge fan of mixed martial arts, naturally coming up as a topic of conversation, given the fact Joe Rogan is the face of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I laughed along for a few minutes, but then when I revealed the truth that it was all a simulation, a fake, every jaw in the room hit the floor. That got their attention.

I ran the same experiment with a friend of mine who is the CEO of his own cybersecurity company and can pretty much hack into any computer system that isn’t safeguarded by the latest top-of-the-line security software. “Donald Trump likes the UFC, of course he would, why wouldn’t he? That’s cool he sat down with Joe Rogan not too long ago. I must have missed it. When was that?” I played along. It is cool! I told my friend what is even more interesting about this conversation than the fact that Donald Trump is a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is that it never happened! It was all simulated by artificial intelligence. That is when my friend looked at me with eyes as wide as saucers and said, “That passes the Turing test.” It does indeed.

The implications and significance of this fact are beyond reckoning. First of all, it tells us that the potential for the manipulation of perception on a global scale is now limitless, and probably has been for quite some time. It also begs the question, how long have the powers that be who pull the strings in government and mass media had this technology available to them? It’s a conservative estimate that the military-industrial complex that rules our world has technology well in advance of what’s made available to the public by at least a generation, and when I say I’m being conservative, you know it’s likely much more advanced than that in reality. The point here is we can speculate all we want on the timeline of when artificial intelligence exceeded the Turing test, the imitation game, but that’s a fruitless endeavor. The cold, hard truth is that it has, and this Donald Trump and Joe Rogan simulated conversation is tangible proof of the tip of an iceberg that reaches to the bottom of the ocean and then keeps going. That being said, ironically, I believe there is a very simple, practical solution to this Gordian knot we find ourselves in. I will come to that shortly.

The mystery is in the words. Why describe this technological phenomenon as a singularity? The word “singularity” is immeasurably significant and precise and dovetails perfectly with the Bible. It fits perfectly with Hinduism, the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato’s argument for the immortality of the soul in the Trial and Death of Socrates, among others. But now, let’s look at its connections with the Bible.

The Bible speaks of two singularities. In Genesis chapter 1, out of the formless void, God creates the world, our world of duality. Good and evil, light and dark, young and old, the land and the sea. The formless void is a singularity of darkness. At the end of Revelation, in chapters 21 and 22, in the last two chapters of the Bible, we find another singularity described. This time, it is a singularity of light. For the new heaven and new earth, as prophesied at the end of the Bible, are characterized, in no uncertain words, as the transformation of our present world of duality into a singularity of light.

The fingerprints of this transformation can be found and have been felt all throughout history. One doesn’t need to look any farther back in time than the late 19th century when Friedrich Nietzsche summed up the zeitgeist of his time by declaring that the human race had been reduced to nothing but a herd animal with a few noble exceptions. He predicted the Overman must come, for it was inevitable even 135 years ago. The hippies and flower children of the 1960s knew that a New Age was dawning; they called it the Age of Aquarius. Being raised in a Baptist church, it was common knowledge in the 1990s that the tribulation and rapture would happen before the year 2000, and what about that insurmountable obstacle the bank’s computers had of rolling over to the year 2000?

Portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche, 1882 (PD0)

It used to be a well-kept secret that the great work of the Ages is to correct what is perceived as the error of the creation of our world of duality by the demiurge, a creator being but not quite the “big G.” From the mystery schools of antiquity to the “Illuminati,” the light-bringers, “the deep state,” or whatever other nebulous term is thrown around to describe the “powers that be” that are working to create a “One World Everything.” The entire crux of the “Global Conspiracy” is the transformation of our world of duality into a singularity. A one-world order, a one-world government, and a one-world army, all coordinated by a bunch of bureaucrats taking orders at the UN! You could even make a valid claim and use all of known history to support your argument that all of history tells this story of transformation into a New Age and the struggle to achieve it.

There is very strong evidence that we have already reached the technological singularity, and I argue this point in my books. The mystery is revealed in the words. The mystery is in the deeper meaning of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a reason why The Apostle Paul ended half his sentences with exclamation points!

The Bible also speaks about a Universal Deception that will precede the dawning of the New Age. Artificial Intelligence, the mystery is in the words. Artificial is something that is not real but has the mere appearance of being real, something simulated, something that, more often than not, has the intention to deceive. Look around at our world. Since the global lockdowns of March 2020, is there any better summary of our world than Universal Deception?

Gutenberg Bible, photo: NYC Wanderer (CCBYSA2.0)

The Bible says to test everything. The fingerprints of this transformation can be seen in all religions, in all philosophies, in all psychologies, in all foundational forms of thought, throughout all history. What seals the deal is that smartphone whose full potential we haven’t even scratched the surface of yet. We are all walking around with tangible, unbelievable technology in our pockets that is doing new tricks each week, and we all know it, yet how does all of this play out? That’s the million-dollar question. It’s my humble position that I have answered that question in my books. Only time will tell.

So, where does this leave us? Every day, it’s getting crazier and crazier, and it feels like World War III is on our doorstep. The potential for the manipulation of perception on a global scale is limitless, and we know the governments of the world and those in the shadows behind the curtain pulling the strings are hellbent on enslaving the entire human race. What do we do? What can anyone do? In my humble opinion, I believe the answer is as simple as it gets once enough people realize how the game is played.

For make no mistake about it, life is a game. Life is the greatest game ever devised. Those in power control the flow of information, and they have a weapon at their disposal that is perhaps the greatest weapon in all of existence: artificial intelligence. This weapon gives the powers that be the ability to not only control the flow of information but to create information from nothing, to literally fake anything and everything they wish, and make it believable through a screen. Therein lies the secret.

All information today that we receive through a screen is suspect. Be it a smartphone, TV, radio, laptop computer, if you didn’t directly experience something, there is no way to know for sure if it happened or not. And ask yourself, how often is the information you are receiving through the internet putting you into a State of Fear? Anxiety, stress, worry, anger, telling you the enemy is of a different political persuasion or waves a different national flag than you? This is the currency the powers that be trade in, for when you are in a State of Fear, you are powerless, and they have you right where they want you. As a general rule ask yourself, is the source of your fear coming from information you received through the medium of a glowing screen? If it is, you’re being manipulated, period.

Now we know how the game is played. When you watch a magician perform an illusion, you are mesmerized so long as you don’t know how the trick is played. Once you know the sleight of hand behind the trick, it holds no power over you. The powers that be in this world only have power because not enough people know how the manipulation of perception game is played. Once they do, the jig is up. Poof! It’s gone in an instant. And where does that leave us? To our families and friends and local communities and people we can see and touch and exchange goods and services with and break bread with. It brings us back to the beginning again.

All of history is telling this story. We are finishing a full cycle of the Great Wheel of Time. In Hinduism, we have the concept of the Yuga Cycle, composed of the four yugas, or ages: the Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga. We are currently in the age of Kali, where war and suffering and strife and pain dominate. The Satya Yuga, which follows the Kali Yuga, ushers in an age of peace, love, and harmony, which finds its parallels in the Greek Golden Age of antiquity to Atlantis, Lemuria and Hyperborea. Friedrich Nietzsche, arguably the most influential thinker of the 19th century, traced the moral decay of humanity from the time of the pre-Socratics of the 6th century BC to the end of the 19th century, where he said humanity had become so debased that an Overman was necessary to come in the not too distant future.

Carl Jung (PD0)

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist whose understanding of the human condition was of Biblical proportions, stated that every man and woman had a shadow, a dark side at war internally with the inner light and that each of us had to reconcile this shadow before it became our undoing.

Transformation and the struggle against spiritual darkness is the story of history. Whether that transformation and struggle occur within an individual during one human lifetime, civilization as a whole, or entire epochs composing greater ages composing a Single Great Age, that is the story of history.

And this is where the story of transformation and struggle all comes together with the Bible and artificial intelligence. I can’t help but borrow a line from the great baseball slugger for the New York Yankees, Reggie Jackson, Mr. October, who called himself “the straw that stirs the drink”. It was the 1970s; many people reading this may not have heard of him, but it was a terrific line, a bit of whimsy, but when you hear how this applies to the Bible, artificial intelligence, and this whole shit show we find ourselves in, you’ll enjoy it too.

So, the straw that stirs the drink, the rug that ties the room together, is what the Bible says precedes the new heaven and new earth, and how this applies to what we are experiencing with artificial intelligence. The Bible says in the book of Revelation chapter 20, in verses 3 and 7, that the devil will be set loose on the world to deceive the world for a short season right before the New Age arrives. It doesn’t say how long this short season lasts, and I’m not about to attempt to unravel the merits of interpreting the Bible literally or figuratively here. I’ve done that in some of my other books, and I’d refer people to them. However, on the face of it, look around at our world. Is there any better way to describe our world today than by calling it a place of Universal Deceit? The devil is the father of all lies; take that literally or figuratively. Now that we know how the manipulation of the perception game is played with artificial intelligence and how all of history is telling this story of Transformation into a New Age, where does that leave us?

Perception creates reality! The manipulation of perception with artificial intelligence is how they control you. Now you know how the game is played. Quit giving them your power. They have no power. Life is a Dream, and we make it what it is! God is Love, the Kingdom of God is within you, the Kingdom of God is Love in our hearts, the whole point of Creation is to experience Love, and there is no Love without communion. Let’s do this! And after all, it is already written! It is the story of Life Itself.

Resurrection and the New Creation

Finding the Tree of Life

God the Father and the Tree of Life

The Answer to the Game

Luke Angstadt has been researching the nature of reality for over 20 years. He has written three short books in 2023 on the subject of artificial intelligence, the Bible, and how history with its religions, politics and philosophies are telling a single story. Their titles are Propaganda and the Will to PowerResurrection and the New Creation, and God the Father and the Tree of Life. Together they compose the Finding the Tree of Life series. They are all available on Amazon. Since the mid 2010s when our smart phones really started taking off in leaps and bounds in their advancing technological capabilities, a concept called the Technological Singularity also started popping up everywhere on YouTube. What is the Technological Singularity? Could the Bible have predicted it? These three short books break down in an easy to read style how the fingerprints for this technological revolution can be found all throughout history, and how once a few connections over the course of history are discovered, we truly don’t have anything to be afraid of. Through it all, there is a happy ending which is only the beginning.

Luke lives in Bradenton, Florida and can be reached at this email address, [email protected]

22 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence and the Bible: Is it all following a script?”

  1. Barbara Angstadt says:

    Excellent insights!

    1. Luke Angstadt says:

      Thank you!

  2. Fox on the fence says:

    It would be good for the reader in need to order the book from somewhere else than Amazon if the idea is to stop giving ”them” the power we have in actual real life practice.

    1. Luke Angstadt says:

      Once I have my own printing press and distribution team. Until then, I sympathize with your sentiment.

  3. Hayden Redwood says:

    Elohim translates to “gods” not a single god. for all we know this world simulation was created by advanced beings/gods from another dimension not from a single god.

    1. Luke Angstadt says:

      What are the differences between a simulation, a creation, and baseline reality?

      1. Hayden Redwood says:

        ”And he carried me away in the Spirit/fast moving wind to a mountain great and high, and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God.”

        According to Mauro Biglino, Spirit translates to wind from Hebrew. Possibility this could be a description of some advanced ship he went too. But describes it in his understandings of the time. But anyway All very interesting. Many questions

        1. Luke Angstadt says:

          It sounds like it isn’t meant to be taken strictly literal. Even though it may be literal, there is more going on.

      2. Hayden Redwood says:

        What are the differences between a simulation, a creation, and baseline reality?

        The only difference between different types of quarks that make up protons and neutrons is the frequency of a vibrating string. If the frequency of the vibrating string is different, it generates an entirely different particle. Does that mean all matter is a “mirage”? Why? After delving so deep and so small, what would you expect to find in a “real” world anyway?

        We have this instinct that if you delve deeper and deeper into what a “real” matter particle is made of we will find this solid “crumb” of material. But “solid” is a human construct referring to a state of matter and how something feels in our hands (in our minds). In fact what we find when we examine smaller and smaller particles is that substance loses meaning — the matter is created by a bunch of vibrating things/energy — information, basically.

        Eventually you realize that “realness”, “physicalness”, “space” and “substance” are just human constructs to make our universe easier to comprehend. The only sure thing is they are all made of some sort of information, and we can perceive/interact with them in our minds. It’s hard to let go of these instincts but we must realize that even though we live in a universe that has physics and physics laws easily verified by science, there is no magical “substance quality” about anything that marks it as “real” as opposed to a simulation. That doesn’t mean our universe isn’t real. It just means that a perfect simulation would be just as legitimately “real” as our universe.

        Humans only see a tiny percentage of the electromagnetic wave spectrum and the speed of light is the limit of this simulation.

        1. Luke Angstadt says:

          But if you get too close to the picture you only see pixels. And if you get too far away from the picture you don’t see the picture. And if you get really close you won’t see pixels, you won’t see anything either. It’s a tricky business.

  4. Steven Kayser says:

    Hello Luke

    Great article.

    I have a mathematical interest in the idea of an ‘Apocalypse of Light’ that you describe in Revelation 21 and 22. I just reviewed those chapters in the interlinear version of Biblehub.

    Do you refer to the verses that state there is no need for sun, moon, lamp, candle, etc as the light comes from the big G or the City itself?

    Steven Kayser

    1. Luke Angstadt says:

      Hello Steven. I do refer to the verses you mentioned. They describe the end of pain and suffering as well. The end, or transformation of our world of Duality into another Singularity.

  5. Steven Kayser says:

    Oops. Should say Singularity of Light, not Apocalypse of Light. (Although they might be the same.)

    1. Luke Angstadt says:

      Agreed. The apocalypse and Singularity could be the same event. However, I don’t seeing it being a finish at all. I believe there will be another Duality after the Singularity of Light, only this time it will be a Duality dominated by light.

      1. Steven Kayser says:

        The topology also shows that it is not an end but a new beginning. Thanks again for the article. The evidence in Rev 21 and 22 was new to me. Also, the Dark singularity and the Light singularity might be the same thing, just a different perspective. If you put the camera on the outside of the singularity, it looks like light. If you. put the camera in the inside of a single ‘photon, it would appear dark.

        It’s a very strange thing, but the mathematical understanding of the real singularity is coming out at almost the exact same time as the fake technological singularity. I guess that is so everyone has a clear, conscious, choice to make.

        I also find this bit very interesting: “a creator being but not quite the “big G.””

        My work seems to show the ‘demiurge’ as the primary tool by which all came into creation, but not the Creator. Imagine that the Creator had a wand that he waved to bring everything into existence. The demiurge is the Wand, not the Creator. (For emphasis, what I just wrote is an analogy, not real. Not suggesting a real wand.)

        1. Luke Angstadt says:

          Sounds like you have given this subject considerable thought as well. It’s all math. The Bible, Plato’s theory of how everything in the Universe is working its way back and forth between its opposite. These stories we find across time are narratives based on sacred geometry. Metaphysics told through human stories to make the math relatable on a human level. What ties it all together is the smart phone and artificial intelligence.

  6. Phineas says:

    I often reflect on the prohibition of making an image of any living thing. Artificial intelligence is exactly the attempt to make an image of the human mind. It could be the image of the beast.

    1. Luke Angstadt says:

      That’s a profound insight. The Old Testament attests to it.

  7. Kennan says:

    Excellent article. Thank you~

    1. Luke Angstadt says:

      Thank you!

  8. Anna Badalian says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am in a process of finishing the last book in your short series and I find it to be eye opening and very insightful.

    1. Luke Angstadt says:

      Thank you Anna!

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