Vitamin D Deficiency and Covid-19

Its Central Role in a World Pandemic

YPS Publishing, 2020 (ISBN 9780956213273), by David C Anderson and David S Grimes.


When Graham kindly asked me to write about the book on Vitamin D and Covid-19 we wrote last spring, the topic was so important that I had no difficulty in accepting. The book, which David Grimes and I wrote in less than a month is short, and we hope readable. However, I had to think a little more to link my ‘take’ on Covid-19 with Graham’s life-long interest in man’s catastrophic past. Interest in the impact of real meteorites, comets and other impactors is something we share, having come at it from quite different viewpoints. In my case, it was through China’s ancient and studiously ignored Hongshan jade-carving culture, and the discovery of identical iconography carved later in a unique natural impact glass called shui jing. (‘Hongshan Jade Treasures, Tau Editrice, 2012, Book of the Month Feb 2018 – copies still available for 35 Euros plus p&p, and see here: In fact, I had started a year ago to write another on how my evidence and those of Graham and Antonio Zamora, on the Carolina Bays and Nebraska rainwater basins, might be unified into one explosive theory. But then came the Covid-19 pandemic, which shook me back towards medical reality.

A virtual meteorite strikes and kills

Nearly a year and a half ago, the world was struck by a giant virtual meteorite, a virus new to man, but hiding within it more than a hint of clever-clogs planned human activity. Any scientist who rebels as I do against repetitive ‘expert’ dogma, sinister Monsanto-style TV ads, and other brainwashing, must surely smell a rat, nesting within the official sanitised story. This was recently emphasised by a WHO-led delegation to Wuhan that concluded that SARS-CoV2 is just a bat coronavirus that after mutating a bit and mixing with one from a pangolin, had escaped from one of the animal markets in Wuhan, next door to China’s only P4 virology laboratory. This lab had been aided financially by Anthony Fauci of the NIAID, and Peter Daszak of the Gates-funded Eco-Health Alliance, the purpose being to continue ‘Gain of Function’ research. Daszak was also one of the recent WHO-designated ‘impartial’ observers!

An old, retired, doctor awakens, while Bill Gates reaches for the sky.

So, let me go straight to the punchline, which I was driving at in my 3-minute YouTube podcast at last year’s Spring Equinox, a revelation that Nebuchadnezzar-like had come to me in my sleep. It had been some time since I had thought about the chemistry of vitamin D, so I even wrongly called its precursor 7-dihydrocholesterol, instead of 7-dehydrocholesterol. But otherwise, I stand by what I said. It is one of the great miracles of our unique planet and sun that we owe much to the B-ring of this chicken-wire sterol, being fractured on impact by solar UVB radiation of just the right wavelength (290-320 nanometres), to form cholecalciferol (aka Vitamin D3). In its activated form, D3 serves a unique role in protecting us against outside threats. This includes hostile micro-organisms – bacteria, viruses, fungi, and animal parasites. What it may previously not have had to contend with, is a 21st-century concatenation of Big Pharma, Big Money, Brainwashing and Big Brother. (It is an interesting coincidence that Bill Gates, whose obsessions include global warming, is funding an experiment that will release chalk powder high into the stratosphere above Sweden to bounce back the sun’s warming rays, including those we need to make vitamin D3! You don’t need a Harvard degree to spot that is really stupid, Bill. But it makes one also wonder what happened to Vitamin D levels for years after the real Younger Dryas, as temperatures plummeted!)

Why is this action of the sun’s rays so important?

This unique fractured B-ring gives length and flexibility to a formerly rigid steroid structure, and to me, its simple form represents absolute perfection in both quantum science and art. But an earlier unique Goldilocks miracle (some 4.4 billion years ago) followed Earth’s mega-impact with Thea, a Mars-sized protoplanet that apparently brought us water and ejected the moon. As a consequence, the Earth, stabilised by the moon, now spins on its own axis at about 23.5 degrees relative to its annual circuit around the Sun. This gives us the seasons, and far from the equator Vitamin D’s Achilles’ heel since in winter all UVB light is filtered out.

The structure of, and life on, earth have depended on impacts

Much later another impact cracked the mega-continent Gondwanaland to be followed by continental drift. 65 million years ago this was followed by Chicuxilib, which wiped out two-thirds of species including the dinosaurs (except birds), making way for us furry warm-blooded mammals. And we finally survived multiple further extra-terrestrial impact extinctions that wiped out other top species, the last (so far) being the Younger Dryas impact of 12,800 years bp. I fear we may now be witnessing another potentially fatal, but different surface impact, from an omnipotent global politico-financial system small on education, truth and intellect, but big on money and censorship.

Is this pandemic to be the defining moment of a sixth extinction?

You may think I am exaggerating, but I truly fear that we are facing an extreme and defining manifestation of a sixth extinction. And lying right in the unspoken underbelly of this disaster lurks the denial of a wholly natural and essential chemical, Vitamin D. Vitamin D3, to be precise, (since there is no D1, and it is only fungi that make D2). Lip service of course is paid to vitamin D3 as a pre-hormone involved in blood calcium control. But this is the greediest of its functions, driven by the action of circulating parathyroid hormone (PTH) on the kidneys. Vitamin D3 was also selected over the course of evolution to facilitate a host of other vital defensive roles, that have to function below the ‘endocrine radar’ (see below). To ignore these is to play with fire.

Why does Vitamin D deficiency make this new virus so dangerous?

It is dangerously misleading to treat viruses as independent life forms that need to be exterminated, while not considering and addressing weaknesses in collective and individual host defence. And with Covid-19 we find a glaring host weakness, in the form of global vitamin D deficiency, now amplified by a third pandemic of lockdowns and masks, further reducing meagre solar exposure. And we now face a fourth one of rushed-out vaccines of unproven safety, and fatal for some.

More than two-thirds of the world’s landmass lies to the north of the equator, and our earliest ancestors evolved in Africa, where the sun shines strongly overhead with little seasonal variation. Warmth meant that clothing could be sparse, and melanin, a perfect natural sunblock, was there to prevent sunburn. But progressive migration northwards starting maybe 50,000 years ago, brought with it seasonal variations in availability of the ‘sunshine vitamin’. Fish in the diet helped because they get D3 from phyto-plankton. But for landlubbers that didn’t work. So, there was a strong selective advantage in having paler skin. Fast-forward to industrialisation, colonisation, enforced migration northwards from Africa, population expansion, solar aversion, and globalisation, and we have a sure recipe for vitamin D deficiency, especially in specific racial and cultural groups, the elderly and the obese (who sequester more D3 in fat). The simplest message is that this nasty new virus has only caused a pandemic because it has been helped at every step by a unique mixture of well-funded ignorance and sidelining of vitamin D.

Vitamin D’s discovery gave early emphasis to its role as a hormone.

Rickets is a childhood bone disease, first recognised in polluted northern British industrial towns. And our book goes into how this led to the discovery of vitamin D, and its unique role as a hormone for the control of blood calcium and bone growth. Both authors had the privilege of being around when the biochemistry of vitamin D as a systemic hormone was worked out. D3 itself is inactive and first travels to the liver where a hydroxyl (OH) group is added at the 25 position, to form the blood reservoir form. When blood calcium falls, PTH is secreted and acts on the renal tubules to make 1,25(OH)D3, which circulates as a hormone to act via receptors in the gut and bone. But we have long recognised the folly of thinking of this as always its most important function. Indeed, in tandem with the studies on rickets, was recognition of its importance in fighting off infections such as tuberculosis and influenza. We now see that the hormonal function is not a good one by which to decide how much is needed for local systems that must coexist below the ‘endocrine radar’. In Britain, while we were distracted, ignorant but powerful committees defined the needs and set them in stone by the requirements (around 400 Units a day) of the greediest system. This is akin to a simple farmer with a single communal water trough, one bull and a herd of cows, who judges how much water to put in the trough by the thirst of the greedy bull, and wonders why his cows are all dying.

The role of cavalier researchers in the origin and danger of SARS-CoV2

There is now overwhelming evidence that SARS-CoV2, the cause of Covid-19, is a human-made virus. (see, for example J Tritto, ‘Cina Covid-19 – la Chimera che ha cambiato il mondo’ ISBN9788868798901). It is hard for non-virologists to appreciate the sophisticated techniques commonplace in virology research. Ralph Baric in North Carolina, is the accepted Coronavirus guru, and originator of dangerous ‘gain-of function’ research in the USA, which is shared with other laboratories including that of Professor Shi Zheng-Li in Wuhan. In October 2014, President Obama put a moratorium on such research in the USA, until the risks had been appraised. Nevertheless, Dr Anthony Fauci, still to this day head of the NIAID, funnelled around $600,000 a year of Gates Foundation money, via Dr Peter Daszak, President of the Eco-Health Alliance, to Prof Shi Zheng-Li in the Wuhan P4 virology Laboratory, and the subcontracted research continued there.

What is ‘gain of function’ research and why is it dangerous?

Shi Zheng-Li has long been interested in bat coronaviruses, and conducted virus-foraging trips to caves in Southern China, since the 2003 outbreak of SARS-CoV1, which was tracked to a bat virus, passaged through the civet cat in Guangdong, and escaping into humans. One of many such viruses, now labelled RaTG13, had been collected from a horseshoe bat in 2013, (but not officially declared). This virus does not bind to the ACE2 receptor or infect human cells, but it has been incorporated to form the main backbone of SARS-CoV2. Then in 2019 another coronavirus (MP789) was isolated from a sick pangolin illegally smuggled into Wuhan from Malaysia. Upon study, it aroused great interest in Wuhan because it bound exceptionally well to the human ACE2 receptor, but would not enter human cells. To do so there needs to be a cut between two spike protein components, S1 and S2. That cut has to be made by a human proteolytic enzyme. So MP789 is also not pathogenic to man. Professor Shi, however, using routine nucleic acid cut and splice techniques, made a chimera, by splicing the spike protein of MP789 to the backbone of RaTG13. To ‘gain function’, as well as inserting elements of the HIV retrovirus, an especially perilous modification was made by inserting a 12-base segment of RNA between S1 and S2. This segment codes for the arginine-rich binding site of a human proteolytic enzyme called Furin found inside as well as outside the cells. This insert makes the virus especially dangerous for anyone vitamin D-deficient, therefore lacking a first-phase immune mechanism. Because once in, the virus can keep replicating using the human intracellular machinery. In the opinion of virologist Prof Luc Montagnier, as well as Professor Tritto, it is absolutely certain this virus is a human laboratory construct.

How did the virus escape from the Wuhan Lab?

Somehow, probably in mid-October 2019, the virus then escaped, locally at first, then globally, something at first heavily denied by China. Of course, no one in their right mind could have done such a thing on purpose or encouraged someone else to do so, but then right minds sometimes go wrong. And right next door, in the same building, is the Biological Warfare facility of the People’s Liberation Army. Such armies understand the risks of a surprise attack and may appreciate that Vitamin D defends against this for our bodies. At all events, this virus is only dangerous to those with deficient blood levels of the 25-hydroxy storage form of vitamin D3. For those who want chapter and verse, on all the studies that have emerged over the past year and since our book was written (sadly most not from the UK), on this specific virus, please go to David Grimes’ very detailed and informative blog site:

How much Vitamin D is needed and why the official silence?

The bottom line is that you need to maintain a blood level of 25OHD3, (the reservoir form) at more than 40 ng/ml (that in SI Units is 100 nmol/L). For this, most adults need around 4,000 Units of Vitamin D3 daily (or 100,000 Units once a month), scaled down for children. It sounds a lot but isn’t, yet official bodies in the UK recommend a mere 400 Units a day. Fauci admits he takes 6,000 Units a day, which is coincidentally just right for a 60 kg laboratory mouse! If you do likewise, your immune system will have a far better chance of fighting off Covid-19 like any other severe cold, or flu. You will use up blood 25OHD3 in the process, so you should double it in case of infection. And as we discuss in our book, there is no risk of Vitamin D intoxication from even 10 times this dose. Remember, Big Pharma makes its money from a host of diseases that Vitamin D protects us from; cancers, infections, (bacterial and viral), asthma, allergies, inflammatory bowel diseases, autoimmunity, degenerative nervous diseases, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes 1 & 2, and many more. Cost – just £10 a year! And Bill Gates, born again as mega-philanthropist, wallows in the glory of saving the world from pandemics, promising us there will be more to come. Vitamin D is a big loser for both Big Money and Big Glory.

There are none so deaf as those that will not hear

The lubricating value of pseudo-philanthropy has made Governments worldwide deaf to all but the vested interests of Big Money and Big Pharma, which increasingly controls the WHO. With judicious funding of those in power, those notionally in charge of health protection have sold mankind down the river on novel ‘vaccines’, while studiously ignoring Nature’s safe solution. We are destined, it seems, to become the slaves of Big Pharma, Big Money and Big Lies, through an ongoing criminal break-in into the future of Mankind. We had better wake up, investigate and stop these and other crimes against humanity before it is too late, and millions more lives are sacrificed before the Pillars of the Profits of Doom.

Professor David C Anderson MD MSc FRCP FRCPE FRCPath Umbria, Italy

Vitamin D Deficiency and Covid-19

Its Central Role in a World Pandemic

5 thoughts on “Vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19 – its central role in the global pandemic”

  1. Hendrik Dirker says:

    Interesting, regardless of some (wrong) assumptions pertaining a.) The Younger Dryas being associated with an impact and b.) a mega-continent 65 million years ago …Chixulub impact that supposedly wiped out ‘two-thirds of species including the dinosaurs’…

    Climate change is a consequence of variable obliquity:
    The authentic impact that triggered such:

  2. Nick says:

    I am very disappointed in Graham for letting this article that keeps the contagion myth alive be published on his site. Till this day the Corona virus has not been isolated. The four original studies did not follow the Koch postulates, not even did they furfill the river postulas. The germ theory has been debunked 150 years ago by Antoine Béchamp. There are many books which unmask the fraudulent endeavors of Louis Pasteur. If you look into the history of all the so called pandamics and virussen you see a whole different story emerge then the lies we are told by the mainstream. This shouldn’t be a surprise for many of the readers of this website. History is not the only thing we are being lied about. It’s the terrain we live in that cause us to be sick. Before this plandemic we already had a very polluted terrain we lived in. And now with this whole covid situatie we get a host of new things that make our environment we live in even more polluted. Face masks prevent us from getting the right amount of oxygen and we breathe in our own waste products, lock downs prevent us from getting enough sun exposure, fear anger isolation are some of the negative emotions that bring our bodies into a more unhealthy state and the poisenous cocktail that they inject into people bodies is the icing on the cake. There are many doctors in recent history and modern day that put their necks out to debunk these so called viruses causing disease.Dr Antoine Béchamp,Dr Kary Mullins, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Tom Cowen are some great doctors to look into if you want start gaining more real information about these topics. THERE IS NO COVID, CONTAGION IS A MYTH, WE ARE BEING LIED TO AND FOOLED AGAIN

  3. David Anderson says:

    Nick, I am sure there are things we can agree about. One is that pollution is making us sick, that face masks are worse than useless, and lockdowns are very bad for us. Our point in this book does not deny the existence of a new coronavirus, as you seem to do, but is highly critical of how it is being managed as if a virus is the whole story, without considering that they are interacting with our immune systems. These systems need to be understood and strengthened, and that is being completely and willfully ignored by those in charge. The whole agenda is being artificially driven, as part of a self-fulfilling prophecy, by those who stand to make money and prestige from creating a global human disaster, and part of their agenda is to use fear to destroy reasoned scientific debate and common sense.

    For healthy people with good natural immune systems SARS-CoV2, whatever its origin (laboratory or natural), just causes a bad cold. At the other extreme, there are undoubtedly people who come in contact with Covid and die, and these people have particularly weak innate immune systems. Our contention is that much of this is due to those with power and money applying simplistic and harmful measures, and ignoring the obvious (and many are being paid to do so). It is important for you to understand that a most dangerous consequence of policy is to make Vitamin D levels in the whole population decline, rather than rise from sun exposure as normal over summer. There are many ways in which Gates-driven policies are working to create and amplify a human-driven disaster, and one way for individuals to fight it is to keep their vitamin D levels at over 40ng/ml (100 nmol/l).

  4. Nick says:

    Hi David, I am 100% with you on the evil plan being layed out on us by the global bankster “elites” via the WHO, WEF, UN agenda 21 and 30 and all other nefarious institutions and organisation’s they created. But the conspiracy goes much deeper. I urge you to really look into the covid studies and read them and see for yourself that they have not isolated the so called Corona virus. The sequence that they present are pieces they got out of a self made database. The whole scam is way older and it’s contagion. We don’t make each other sick via bacteria and virussen. They used this trick many times before (Spanish flu, polio, measles etc). It’s the polluted terrain (mental pollution also counts, new German medicine goes very deep into this) that causes disease. This is all very well documented and there are great books written about this by very courageous doctors and scientists. Some books are over 10 years old and the scam starts all they way back with Pasteur vs Béchamp.

    I mean no disrespect. You are on the right track and even wrote a book about it. I am 100% sure that if you look further into this you come to the same conclusion. If you write a book about that I will buy a copy 😀 Happy researching and have a nice day 😉

  5. Nick says:

    I do think the vit D advise is really good! I had some medical problems (anxiety and gut) and 35 nmol/l vit D levels. Multiple doctors in the hospital told me there could not be a relation. Did my research on vit D got it up to 120 nmol/l and all my problems went away. Taking 3000 IU a day. Sunshine is better but we have a lot of rain unfortunately. Nutrient dificiency is classic for the bio terrain model.

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