Gallery of the visionary art of Bryan Kent Ward

About Bryan Ward: "My time is spent drawing, painting and being a single parent to my lovely daughter, I also find inspiration in traveling and spending as much time in nature as possible. I've been creating visual art since I can remember. Having been influenced by the Surrealists and the discovery of Entheogens at a young age, my art has always reflected the strange and the weird, the fantastic and visionary. At times reflecting the macabre and my darker side and other times exploring my fascination with the unknowable and the awe and bliss of being alive. My work obviously has meaning for me and my personal myth comes through either consciously or unconsciously; as for any absolute meaning in my work though I think the power of visual art is that it's open to the individual's interpretation. Question what you see, consider what you don't, draw your own conclusions.

Entheogenic Garden of Eden, No Fruit Forbidden:
The Snake that Giveth Knowledge, Delight, Bright Glory, and Stirs the Hearts of Men
[Luminous Day version, oil on canvas/ Dark Night version, pen, ink and dragon’s blood on paper]

I created this as a subversion of the Paradise Lost story. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, partaking of the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge, the fruit being one of the many Enthogenic plants (ayahuasca, peyote, amanita, psilocybin mushrooms) represented in the painting. These plants share nature’s wisdom of being one with the universe, in all of its possibilities, in our glory and failings, and the responsibility of free will in our lives and on the planet.