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Earth’s Second ‘Moon’ Will Take a Final Lap Before Waving Bye-Bye to Us For Good
30th January 2021 | | Earth, Space

“What second moon,” you ask? Astronomers call it 2020 SO – a small object that dropped into Earth’s orbit about halfway between our planet and the moon in September 2020.

Ancient rivers reveal multiple Sahara Desert greenings
30th January 2021 | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Humans

Large parts of the Sahara Desert were green thousands of years ago, evidenced by prehistoric engravings in the desert of giraffes, crocodiles and a stone-age cave painting of humans swimming.

Mysterious ‘kick’ just after the Big Bang may have created dark matter
27th January 2021 | | Earth, Humans, Space

One of the lingering mysteries of the universe is why anything exists at all.

Clues on 1,000 Years of The Sun’s Turbulent Activity Are Hidden in Earth’s Trees
27th January 2021 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans, Space

The Sun has a lot of rhythm and goes through different cycles of activity. The most well-known cycle might be the Schwabe cycle, which has an 11-year cadence. But what about cycles with much longer time scales? How can scientists understand them?

‘No more broken treaties’: indigenous leaders urge Biden to shut down Dakota Access pipeline
22nd January 2021 | | Earth, Humans

Indigenous leaders and environmentalists are urging Joe Biden to shutdown some of America’s most controversial fossil fuel pipelines, after welcoming his executive order cancelling the Keystone XL (KXL) project.

Solar Wind Is Strangely Drawn to Earth’s North Pole, And Scientists Don’t Know Why
21st January 2021 | | Earth, Space, Weird

Likely the most well-known result of the Earth’s magnetic field are the Aurora Borealis and Australis (Northern and Southern Lights).

Earth’s outer shell ballooned during massive growth spurt 3 billion years ago
21st January 2021 | | Ancient, Earth

Ancient fragments of Earth’s crust acted as ‘seeds’ for new crust to grow from.

Lessons from the past
19th January 2021 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

The Anthropocene marks relentless and increasingly grave environmental degradation as the Earth faces tipping points for climate change, biodiversity and survival. To address these ills, scientists say we can learn valuable lessons from the past.

Aerial photos capture ‘tree of life’ structures in Norfolk and Suffolk
18th January 2021 | | Earth, Humans

An aerial photographer has compiled a series of images of skeletal-like ‘trees’ cutting their way through mudflats and lake beds in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Outcry as Trump officials to transfer sacred Native American land to miners
18th January 2021 | | Earth, Humans

Critics condemn ‘callous betrayal’ after Trump officials set in motion transfer of Oak Flat to Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton.

Fossils shed light on puzzle that vexed Darwin
13th January 2021 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

Remarkably well-preserved fossils are helping scientists unravel a mystery about the origins of early animals that puzzled Charles Darwin.

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