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I will do my best to live up to the examples of stewardship shown by previous Authors of the Month. In private, I have sincerely honoured their service. Not only do I stand on the shoulders of giants --per Volume II of GNOSIS-- who have sought truths from which all will benefit, I now tread in the footsteps of contributors whose service I aim to emulate. This is a high path.

So I will continue to respond as best I can to sincere seekers on this Message Board despite the typing challenges of disability.... And it is absolutely a wonderful world regardless of any personal struggles. We all have barriers to overcome! Right?

I look forward to everyone's questions and comments on the 3rd Edition, including yours. The 4th Edition is planned for 2013, AFTER the world survives December 2012. BTW, Steve Detwiler's weekly newsletter has been extremely helpful (in respect of the 4th Edition). Nearly every week I snag some tidbit emailed by Steve that I'd missed despite prodigious database searching. (See, for example, footnote #53 in the downloadable PDF of Volume I.) I appreciate your sponsoring Steve's contributory efforts.

Thanks again for your most kind message of welcome.

Nui aloha,


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Dr. Lew Graham

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