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Hendrik Dirker writes:

"Invite from Glenn Kreisberg for April 2011 GH AoM slot –as it was at the time, I offered what constituted my most recent material, the Ice Age content and he vanished off the radar. Realizing they had their own agenda, breaking the long silence, I took the campaign to the understudy: the kilt of the Feb. 2012 AoM shielded a rather bare contention. Silence returned, then, bringing the haggis (again :o) to the great mystery table in April 2012, an AoM invite from Graham ensued. I submitted my essay, the rogue author profile, in all sincerity... "


(1) My mail to Hendrik Dirker, 13 April 2012, inviting him to be author of the month:

Hi Hendrik

Thanks for letting me have a copy of Zep Tepi: The Conclusion some time ago. I've spent the last year writing night and day a huge novel (fiction based on fact) about the Spanish conquest of Mexico and haven't had time for anything else. Nearly finished but in the meantime I have got rather far from my traditional areas of interest and study. I will be back!

Would you be interested in being author of the month on my website and expanding on your findings. It would involve letting us have an essay based on your book that would give other posters who have not read your book a clear idea of your thinking (I know you have posted a lot on the message boards but this would be something more conspicuous that people could easily find and refer to). Hopefully the essay would also encourage visitors to the site to buy your book. Then in addition you would need to spend a month interacting with posters, fielding queries and posting topics for discussion yourself on our author of the month message board.

Let me know

Warm wishes, Graham

(2) Hendrik Dirker's mail to me of 15 April 2012:

Hello Graham,
you evidently have a great source from which to draw energy to tackle so many projects -sounds like yet another interesting book! Individuals I encountered locally, all enjoyed Entangled and I look forward to your return to the 'seven liberal sciences'...

Thank you for extending the opportunity to represent my work as AoM -I will endeavour to comply with the necessary. Short of availability on shelves in stores however, the only edition (2010), a black & white version of the promotional copy you received, is online through Amazon.

During the past year I updated and restructured the book appreciably -ever hopeful of its release (preferably hard cover, with colour illustrations). South Africa however, is limited and I do not have agent representation to access a suitable publisher -to launch in international territories.

Any input is sincerely appreciated.

(3) Hendrik Dirker's Mail to me of 20 April 2012, attaching his essay:

hi Graham
perhaps somewhat unconventional but true to myself, herewith attached my proposed essay.

The three hyperlinks provided therein are to my research articles -most recently updated, they are articulate with comprehensive illustrations -as such I deemed it unneccesary to duplicate in the body of the essay.

should any additions or changes be required, let me know

(4) My mail (including typos!) to Hendrik Dirker, 23 April 2012 after reading his essay:

Dear Hendrik

Thanks for sending this. I haven't reviewed properly as am in the midst of the last two weeks on a book of my own that I am supposed to deliver very soon but havea forwarded to Glenn Kre4isberg who edits our AoM features.

My quick impression is that what you have written is too short and lacks the detail needed for an AoM feature. Everything should be self-contained rather than referring out to your site etc.

In other words what is needed is an article that will stand alone and introduce our visitors to the central concepts of your work with enough meat in the article itself to support what you are saying. This might then encourage visitorts to buy/read your book but the article does have to contain enough on its own for them to be able to engage on the message board.

Warm wishes, Graham


I have heard no more from you since then, Hendrik, except this post. I'm still very happy to feature you as Author of the Month at some future date if you'll provide us with a proper article. Meanwhile I paste in below the article you sent me on 20 April which didn't do much for me but will perhaps for other visitors to these pages:

Somewhat over a decade ago, fate interfaced my induction to the mysteries and in a headlong frenzy contrived an all consuming occupation -one that does not pay a salary. Prior to commencing with the investigation, I had not heard of the Duat or the Pyramid Texts, neither precession, nor intended becoming an author, no less a fringe one. Back in 2001, I read Graham Hancock's The Sign and the Seal, followed by Robert Bauval's Secret Chamber. These two superb works literally initiated my quest for enlightenment, an incredible adventure and an extraordinary discovery:
"I have deciphered the ancient code of the gods…"

Hendrik G. Dirkerhomepage
Having proclaimed the greatest discovery of, no less, ‘all time’ my findings demanded to be made known but… whom to tell, and how? One could say I was infinitely naïve. The broader context of what I had come across was still lurking at the periphery of the unknown. Formulation was required and I enthusiastically set about extracting veritable data from the murkiness of mythical mumbo jumbo, while striving to maintain the uncorrupted integrity of the original source.
Resistance to comply with the norm is second nature but inevitably present obstacles. Inexperienced but undaunted, within two years, Zep Tepi - The First Time was (self) published in South Africa (2003). Representation and access to a suitable publisher has proved as elusive as the very answer to the question of ‘who we are and whence we came from’. Together with the project’s development, many new skills were acquired but lacking resources I incurred many challenges. Almost coinciding with its release and in the process still of (self) distribution, came a unique breakthrough. This demanded further research and writing that culminated in Zep Tepi - The Conclusion.
Upon realizing the collective implications for our specie, associated with these findings, one can begin to sympathize with my desperate dedication and indeed, obligation. With battles aplenty on many fronts and of no desire for a drawn out campaign, concurrent with publication, the model of the legendary horse left outside the gates of Troy, was adopted as tactical world entry via the Internet and here it is, amid seekers of renown... the subject is visually represented and the evidence speaks amply, beyond debate, challenging the individual to conquer his own limitations of comprehension.
It is not my invention but a discovery, of something we ought to have known… exciting as it is, it presents a problem with far reaching consequences: exposing error in modern science and prevailing beliefs of history. My assertions sometimes sound unbelievable but objective scrutiny reveals undeniable evidence and the sheer brilliance of the originators, hence the postulation on their identity as unknown –a matter on which can only be speculated. In answering what I deem a calling, I found myself in communication with an unknown entity, the thrill of the experience via a source in a remote time... An intriguing thought is whether particular circumstances led to my role, or was it 'divinely invoked' -I am not sure...
Telepathy deprived, our society is essentially restricted to number & letter as means to convey a message. The degree of refinement in composition contributes to ease of reading but does not guarantee conveying the meaning intended by the original thought. Audio, without visual to simulate clarity is limited and requires imagination that eventually degrades to myth. Geometry is a viable medium to encapsulate knowledge but still requires interpretation to succeed. Concise expression is best pursued in its most simplified form and symbolism can be of aid. Storage of information is useless if reliant on human memory and in the absence of fusion with wisdom.
Having largely evaded the limitations imposed by the academic institution, paved my way to Universal instruction and an uncorrupted, analytical approach. Inventiveness, in combination with a versatile background, among other technical drawing and architectural design, contributed much to insight of scale and perspective. Interaction with diverse fellow humans -complex beings, of which one component comprises animal, driven by instinct and the other a magnetic field, charged by spiritual emotion -fostered multi facetted insight. First world, morphed with third world mindsets, produced a plethora of perspectives expressed from the soap box opera of life. Contesting predicaments, much time in isolation away from the humdrum, provided an arena for introspect, connection with nature, reading its signs and honing the intellect. The aforementioned and the pain accompanying growth seen in comical perspective, spurred writing my memoirs, which relate an alchemical journey on a thunderbolt of uncertain destiny (unpublished as yet).
On dealing with our imminent demise: by treating its citizens as merchandise, the present world mindset suppresses the individual of their birthright to experience life -depriving talent, cruelly mauling innocence and foolishly suppressing advancement –to detriment of... the very establishment. Our civilization is going to collapse and the vast majority of humans will perish. We are, unavoidably, headed for a NWO. What has to be ensured, at all costs, is true freedom and abolishment of human enslavement –that would be the smart approach - harnessing our diversity into strength of one for all, all for one...
Incompetent in reading the astounding message of the pyramids, historians tell us the forefathers undertook massive and laborious projects because they were afraid of the dark :o) perhaps the stubborn resistance is due to dread among academia for the big rewrite that awaits them!

articles & illustrations:
Earth gyration & climate change
Ice Age cometh...

Zep Tepi – The Conclusion
During the obscure twilight that witnessed man stepping into rudimentary civilization, somebody, with uncanny intelligence, created an intricate map of the sky and engraved it upon Earth. Opening a treasure trove of discoveries, this book resolves elusive riddles that have haunted questioning men throughout history. Now, 5000 years later, astounding knowledge which our civilization never developed comes to light. Unprecedented and multi disciplined, the author’s findings are revealed in a dazzling display of methodical magic. The association of Egyptian mythology with pyramids and stars is graphically interpreted and relates to the Earth on a grand scale. The thesis is strongly supported by tangible evidence and unravels the motive of an ancient stellar and solar cult.
The real gravity of the work is an investigation of texts and monuments that have otherwise defied rationalization. The focus is chiefly on the fabulous pyramids of the Old Empire. It is demonstrated how linear, angular and diagonal measurements were applied over formidable distances to determine the settings. The location of Rostau, shown with duality in celestial and terrestrial topography and wherefrom the co-ordinates for the surveyors’ grid was derived, defines the hub of the Giza plateau. This moreover validates a unified concept of trans-generational planning, which contradicts mainstream Egyptology belief. The Memphis necropolis constitutes a configuration of stars and exposes the intricate science of unknown origin. Indisputable, it substantiates that a wider plan of pyramids exists and indeed not as a product of coincidence.
The anthropomorphic gods are unequivocally identified and tantalizingly evokes the issue of ownership. Sacred geometry, developed by a culture outside of dynastic Egypt and embodied in ancient oracles, is readily reconciled with contemporary astronomy and employed as the major medium to interpret esoteric connotation. Legend, difficult to fathom, is fascinatingly deciphered and it becomes evident that King Khufu never qualified as the real title holder to the Great Pyramid. An astral exploration of its interior details its concealed chambers and the location of a principal anomaly, which yet has to be breached.
The Duat, alluded to as the mythical ‘after-world, where the gods of the First Time established a cosmic kingdom’ exists, in reality… The legendary ‘Two Lands’, which also translates as the ‘Two Earths’ is depicted in dual context and actual topography. These domains, divided or unified, comprise the globe and are scientifically shown to incorporate the orbital motions of Earth. Revolutionary textual interpretation vividly clarifies the “as above, so below” concept, our planet in prime meridian unison with Galaxy mapping -believe it.
The Pyramid Age reveals a multi dimensional cryptic key to an archaic riddle. This emphatic evidence will lead to a turning point in mankind’s destiny. It has direct bearing on the prevailing controversy of our era, namely climate change but introduces an unexpected twist that will shake the bastions of society. Wonders of the ancient World, the perplexity of the pyramids escalated with the passage of time. Now, we are shown their intended purpose and warned of an impending history changing event -a dire situation, almost too fantastical to comprehend and for which, humanity is utterly unprepared...

Proposed topics of discussion:
Anthropomorphic Gods
OCT & a wider plan
The Two Lands / Earths (Memphite Theology)
Giza coordinates & unified concept
Reality of the Duat after world
Secret Chamber (Westcar papyrus: Khufu & the Djedi)
Symbolism & Geometry
Message of the Pyramids
Asteroid impact
Sun pillar & Sun worship

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