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Hi Bibhu

1. Earth's change in orientation is only measured relative to objects outside the solar system (relative to VLBI reference points) hence there is no conflict to notice.

2. It would be great if the Mars rover were used to make observations regarding changes in orientation but I have not seen this on the list of experiments, and there would be set up issues. Perhaps some day but not likely in the near future as there is no mainstream reason to question the cause of changes in orientation.

3. See prior response re dark star versus visible star. Re what causes changes in consciousness one can only speculate but according to Sri Yukteswar (in The Holy Science, 1894) it is NOT the companion. He implies that our motion around the companion drives us closer to and farther from a third point in space (Vishnunabhi) and this is the source of the cosmic influence, if you will. It is an intriguing thought but at this point we are still trying to figure out the basic mechanics of the first tow bodies.

“Truly the greatest gift you can give is that of your own self-transformation.”
Chinese Philosopher – Lao Tzu

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