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hello joscelyn and wellcome
you say

Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophic movement, which was obviously innocent of any complicity with Nazism, and the Externsteine Circle. This was founded in the 1960s by Walther Machalett, a school teacher enthralled by the genii loci (spirits of place) and by a theory of prehistoric geodesy (earth measurement). His scheme linked Atlantis and the Pyramids with the Externsteine[9/quote]

from the book , sacred journeys by Jennifer westwood
The externsteine are part of a much larger landscape extending to Hermann’s monument near detmold 5 miles to the north east.
A remarkable group of sandstones rocks in the forests of northern Germany, 30 miles south west of Hanover, have been used as a place of worship since the time of stone hendge. The rocks form a unique landscape temple known as the externsteine (meaning dragon stones)
From the book,
We have undertaken a series of wonderful pilgrimage walks at the externsteine and in the beautiful forested region of the larger landscape temple. We have made full moon pilgrimages as well as special walks on sun festivals in particular midsummer and on th equinoxes, one wonderful pilgrimage led by peter dawkins took place at Pentecost, 33 of us journeyed with the wind of the earth energy. We tuned ourselves into the spirit of each chakra by meditating and singing , we had a pick nick on the solar plexus mountains, on the heart chakra hill they shared cake. Then gathered in the shade of a tree for the throat chakra.

around earth are more places that aligne to chakra points at different locations egypt being just one

If you think I am good on a counterbalance, you need to see me on a reach!

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