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To be fair to the naysayers the confirmed fakes are all first or second attempts. People who have been doing this for years will naturally have built up a considerable skill set in this regard. Besides how many variables are there to play with? The target needs to have a massive number of potential misses compared to potential hits or the result can be close to chance.

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Experimental Suggestion 175 equestrian 19-Apr-09 04:06
Re: Experimental Suggestion 121 David Campbell 19-Apr-09 05:35
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Oh for crying out loud! 214 Me 21-Apr-09 01:01
Re: Oh for crying out loud! 115 equestrian 21-Apr-09 01:41
Re: Oh for crying out loud! 84 AnthonyPeake 21-Apr-09 06:31
Re: Oh for crying out loud! 110 caliban 21-Apr-09 08:09
No, at least... 108 equestrian 21-Apr-09 15:51
Re: No, at least... 98 David Campbell 21-Apr-09 19:07
Re: No, at least... 156 Me 21-Apr-09 19:48
Good point, but 112 equestrian 22-Apr-09 01:39
Re: Good point, but 90 David Campbell 22-Apr-09 03:48
Related Point 91 equestrian 21-Apr-09 15:53
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Re: Experimental Suggestion 132 AnthonyPeake 30-Apr-09 08:27

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