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Hi Michael,

An absolutely fascinating concept that echoes loudly with the 'ring of truth'.

And one which may hold an explanation to a phenomena which has intrigued me for some years:

After the explosion of extraordinary popular music through the fifties and sixties, there has been a slow decline through to the nineties when a-
to my mind- unique phenomena has taken place:

a form of music that for the first time in history is actually "degenerate";
I refer to the aberration known as 'Rap' or 'Hip-Hop'; and by degenerate I mean a musical form that for the first time is not aspirational in any emotional or spiritual sense, but actually aimed at awakening the most base human instincts.
[ I realise such judgements are to some extent subjective but I don't think too many rappers would disagree with the premise ].

I am wondering, if there is any relevance in this observation, what the consequences are regarding "as above, so below"?

good to have you on board,


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