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HI to all:

Even though we've decided I should come back on some time later once the book (The Pagan Christ) has been published in the USA (spring, 05)
and elsewhere, I can't resist chatting here for an hour or so this morning. The reason is the issue raised by Marie Anne and Kees re. an amazing upsurge in new thinking on the planet and the possibility of a paradigm-shift, evolutionary step ahead, or however one puts it. It has seemed to me for some time now that from every side there are springing signs that something momentous is about to break forth. This is in spite of a whole catalogue of negative aspects in the current world situation that sometimes could lead one to pessimism. Call it the coming Age of Aquarius or --how would you describe it?. In any case I certainly appreciate the warm endorsement you two have given TPC! You'll be interested to know that while consrvatives are doing all they can to "slag" the sources, etc.--you know their tactics--the huge pile of extremely positive e-mails on my desk, literally many hundreds, shows the resonance that is out there.



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