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Since I have been reprimanded for not starting my own thread, I shall do so.

As I stated earlier, I have little knowledge about this topic. But, some say that you have excluded evidence that contradicts your conclusions...Anyone will always make that statement, no matter what it is, simply because it contradicts the current dogma.

What do you have to say about these comments in regards to excluding contrary evidence?

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Claims of excluding evidence. 925 Silvoneshei 23-Dec-04 19:27
Re: Claims of excluding evidence. 346 Kees 23-Dec-04 19:54
To repeat 316 Silvoneshei 23-Dec-04 20:18
Re: To repeat 297 Lee McGiffen 24-Dec-04 07:45
It's truly fascinating, Lee 320 Silvoneshei 24-Dec-04 17:36
This is the crux of it all, Mr Cremo 386 Silvoneshei 23-Dec-04 21:31
Re: This is the crux of it all, Mr Cremo 845 Michael Cremo 24-Dec-04 18:49
WOW! 313 Silvoneshei 24-Dec-04 19:39
Truly fascinating 306 Silvoneshei 23-Dec-04 21:54
Re: Claims of excluding evidence. 293 Jaimi2 23-Dec-04 22:44
Re: Claims of excluding evidence. 332 Michael Cremo 24-Dec-04 18:43
Re: Claims of excluding evidence. 301 Silvoneshei 24-Dec-04 19:41
Re: Claims of excluding evidence. 288 Joyeuse 24-Dec-04 21:05
?????? 275 Silvoneshei 28-Dec-04 17:03
Mod Remark 299 Kees 28-Dec-04 17:12
Please remove my account 331 Silvoneshei 28-Dec-04 18:32
Your account 280 Richard Fusniak 28-Dec-04 19:33
Re: Claims of excluding evidence. 286 Archae Solenhofen 24-Dec-04 22:13
missing link 284 Archae Solenhofen 24-Dec-04 22:17
Crackpot ideas !! 332 Kees 24-Dec-04 22:32
Re: Crackpot ideas !! 288 Archae Solenhofen 24-Dec-04 23:11
Re: Crackpot ideas !! 378 Kees 25-Dec-04 09:27
Re: Crackpot ideas !! 352 Michael Cremo 25-Dec-04 20:02
Please Note. 284 Jaimi2 26-Dec-04 04:42
Re: Please Note. 284 Archae Solenhofen 27-Dec-04 21:06
Re: Crackpot ideas !! 302 Archae Solenhofen 30-Dec-04 04:09
Re: Crackpot ideas !! 298 Jaimi2 30-Dec-04 13:23
Re: Crackpot ideas !! 324 Michael Cremo 30-Dec-04 19:54
Re: Crackpot ideas !! 275 Archae Solenhofen 30-Dec-04 19:26
Re: Crackpot ideas !! 300 Michael Cremo 30-Dec-04 20:57
Re: Crackpot ideas !! 599 Archae Solenhofen 31-Dec-04 22:11

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