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Once again, I'm grateful for the interest people have shown. We all have our particular areas of expertise and special interest, and the great thing about a forum like this is that we get to share and learn from others, even if we don't always agree with them. My area of expertise and special interest happens to be language -- because I see it as the thing that holds the whole show together, the very thing that makes this nexus of communication possible in the first place. So I find it totally fascinating to think about the question of where it comes from, how it happened, and why (as far as we know) our species is the only one that has language and can communicate to this level of sophistication. And if any of that enthusiasm has rubbed off on you guys, that'll be great. Because what language is, how it shapes us, how it traps us, and how it liberates us -- how it makes us -- is almost the greatest story ever told. The story of my book, naturally!

Thanks for engaging. Simon

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Thanks, Simon 243 drrayeye 30-Sep-21 07:14
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