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Susan Doris Wrote:
> Another super post to round off a most interesting
> and rewarding month. I hope your book gets
> published in as many languages as possible and
> that there is a world-wide extensive discussion of
> it Thank you.

I'm glad you enjoyed it -- and I hope so too! If 'Sapiens' can become so popular without even mentioning language -- the very tool that made everything Harari talks about possible -- I feel there must be an audience out there for SPEECH! Try telling that to a publisher if you're not an academic or already famous, though -- they don't want to know. But I'm quietly hoping that word of mouth ('speech' -- see what I did there?) will eventually will eventually do the trick. For I really believe our journey with language and how it has shaped us is a story we all need to understand and start talking about.

Thanks for being supportive! Simon

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