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Scott Creighton Wrote:
> And perhaps you can give a cogent answer to
> this:
> T
> he Journal Speaks

And I'm supposed to watch this to first ferret out what this magical "question" is for myself that even you are unable to articulate in words apparently yet you are worried about me being the less than "cogent" one?

From the intro:

Egyptologists claim the Great Pyramid was the tomb of the pharaoh Khufu (Cheops) and base this claim mostly on one key piece of evidence - crudely painted marks discovered in a secret chamber in 1837 by British pyramid explorer, Colonel Richard Howard Vyse. However, evidence presented in this short documentary shows that Vyse's discovery is not all that it seems.

This speaks to below and my previous response, but here you are questioning Egyptologists claim this is a "tomb" for Khufu which you dishonestly claim is based "mostly on one piece of evidence", this one graffiti, though we do note the inclusion of a "mostly" now in deference to knowing this is a lie and hedging bets against getting called out on it, yet by the same token claim G1 was "built by Khufu" over 14,000yrs ago. How'd this be?

So if we are to put our Creighton cogent caps on, which weighs a Creighton let me tell ya, this hidden workmen's graffiti denoting the gang name of a construction crew if "genuine" is somehow the only evidence, excuse me "mostly the only evidence", of G1 being Khufu's tomb yet somehow by the same token not evidence Khufu was the builder? How'd that be?

But according to Scott it's not a tomb and Khufu built it anyways despite the fact this graffiti, the main if not only evidence we are told by the alt/fringe G1 is able to be attributed to Khufu in the first place, is fake...? I would think even the most fringe of the fringe would be scratching their heads over this one. Oh, and as a reminder Scott says G1, and by extension therefore Khufu the builder, is 14,000+ years old

> Nothing of what you present in your pointless
> thread you link to proves those painted marks are
> genuine. Nothing.

You mean this pointless thread: The REAL Khufu Cartouche HOAX?. Obviously you have a vested interest in this subject so we know why you are lying but as you know full well is a lie nonetheless.

> Furthermore, since it seems to have escaped your
> ability to grasp - this entire debate has little
> to do with the question of Khufu building the
> pyramid or not - it's a question of someone
> perpetrating a fraud, of corrupting our
> history and thus our understanding of why this
> king truly built this monument. Two different
> issues entirely. Why do you find that so difficult
> to comprehend?

Uhhh...huh, huh. You are very dishonest Scott the least of which using the tired tactic of forcing your detractor to repeat themselves ad nauseum not to mention projecting your own inequities on your detractors. As everyone knows this graffiti, like all the rest found in the RC including one just like it half covered in ancient mortar some 6 feet away from this "fake", literally has nothing to do with why it was built but rather specifically who built it. This has always been the conversation and you know it yet because you keep getting caught in your bullshit again and again you are trying to revise history and now claim it is not about who built it but why which is even stupider. But if someone doesn't get this it is they who are mentally deficient in some way? Right....


Responded to in a previous post.

Well, looks like your AOM time has come to a close and have re deactivated your account. From the looks of it a grave disappointment by any measure but you have published another book. So there's that. On the bright side there are thousands of people out there who could give a flying shit about the truth and want nothing more than for someone to tell them what they want to hear no matter how many lies it takes, so to Infinity and Beyond!

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