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Sūrīd Ibn Salhouk (also known as Saurit, Saurid, and more commonly known as Surid) is a legendary king from medieval Islamic lore who is said to have lived before the Great flood, as detailed in the Hebrew bible. In legends, Surid was often conflated with or identified as the biblical prophet Enoch, the Muslim prophet Idris, and Hermes Trismegistus.[1] Surid, among other achievements, was often credited with building the Pyramids of Giza. One legend in particular relates how, three hundred years prior to the deluge, Surid had a terrifying dream of the world's end, and so he ordered the construction of the pyramids so that they might house all the knowledge of Egypt and survive into the present.[2]

According to Martyn Smith, "The story of Surid and his antediluvian construction of the pyramids assigns to them a place in sacred history and establishes a neutral narrative ground upon which Muslims and Christians could agree".[3]The broken Internet** : )

Surid ....

SU.... luv the Sumerian. ..especially when Cronus (Wrath of the Titans) obliterating Everything while saying ....ZU!!


Cool.... SU ZI ...GP could be an Awesome Radiance...

Wasn't it like goobs from the Levant and Mesopotamia wandering around pre Dynastic Egypt.
Naqada periods?...sure.
And maybe some builder style crosses over. just find weird stuff in Egypt with Sumerian type House Markings**.

then later later in Time.....Languages morph to include SU....or BA and KA into the word usage and it's Anyone's Guess what the original ident is lofted upon.

T Bird

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