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Thunderbird Wrote:
> >>I am thinking of proposing the “Creighton”
> as a unit of dubious “evidence”. So “a
> Creighton of evidence”.
> Ya.....your deserving where this goes and What
> People Think of You....After.
> Yes...if some person were to Google up the Older
> Internet for the Alan Alford Wars.
> The war between Martin and Alan Alford.
> It raged accross the net for years....
> Back when websites were just text and no
> pictures.
> Alan Alford. ...the guy who reasoned and published
> how Dynastic Egypt Adopted the Giza plateau.
> Alan's information was tabled here at GHMB.
> Posters from a certain Hall. ...would appear and
> argue against Alan....
> Argue against Me**....point to Alan's work.
> Martin....
> You Never Never beat Alan in this debate
> over Giza : )
> T Bird

Two points: (1) you are spouting on matters of which you know nothing and (2) your “judgement” is a symptom (putting it kindly) of your conspicuous cognitive deficit.

(1) is no surprise, as you know nothing about anything.

On (2) we may note that Alford understood (when I explained it) what was wrong with the original Sitchin version. You never have. The simplest arguments are beyond you.

On a point of fact: my discussions with Alan Alford were mostly confined to the Usenet newsgroup sci.archaeology during 1997–8. “It raged accross [sic] the net for years” is your usual careless hyperbole.

Alford is dead. Do not presume to speak for him. I have had cause to rebuke you for this before now.


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