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Martin Stower Wrote:
> Corpuscles Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > LOL!
> > "Whitley Strieber - DREAMLAND - Journeys to
> the

> > extreme edge"
> > Well, that description is no exaggeration !!!!
> >
> > I hope the GHMB team get him as AoM one day. He
> is
> > even funnier and more crazy than Creighton.
> Done.
> “I’ve been fortunate to count Whitley Strieber
> as a close friend, ally, and teacher, for the best
> part of quarter of a century.”
> My surprise may be imagined.
> M.

Just WOW!

My comment was flippant and 'tongue in cheek' , looking for some slight positive light in which to place SC.

(Sorry for the following mini rant - off my chest)

It has been an interesting learning journey here at GHMB over the last decade or more. During such time I have observed the world (humanity) seemingly to tumble deeper into madness. I wonder whether facility of easier global social communication is merely exposing an always existing condition or in fact is exacerbating such as a contributing cause?
I will ponder that.

However these absolute nutters who have spiritual feelings , close encounters, wacko dreams, and imaginings who endorse trudging off into the primitive jungle to willingly poison themselves, vomit till they are blue, shit till their anus is red raw, all in the name of experiencing imaginary entitles to distort their sad realities are not assisting but destroying rationality. I have no wish to belong or be associated.

I think I finally understand Creighton's regular claims of "ton of evidence". Perhaps it is just relative to more wacko alternate loonies? At least he tries to find some basis for his rubbish.

I think, possibly to the great pleasure of many, your reply has delivered the 'final nail in my coffin' here.
I suspect I will look back and have yet another reason to thank you. So it is delivered in advance.

Who knows perhaps we might converse elsewhere one day?

take care and all the best to all

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