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Hi M

Thanking you sincerely for going to the trouble of posting the youtube !

I had to force myself , and had two false starts, however eventually it was preferable to listening to yet another hour of media hype and politicians blathering about covid 19.

I am so glad I did get through it.

Martin Stower Wrote:
> Whitley Strieber talks to Scott Creighton.

"Whitley Strieber - DREAMLAND - Journeys to the extreme edge"
Well, that description is no exaggeration !!!!

I hope the GHMB team get him as AoM one day. He is even funnier and more crazy than Creighton.
To his credit I think SC did a marvelous job of remaining calm and focused, when the scatterbrain kept on interrupting the train of thought and injecting his own version of the fantasies

> M.

The best bits - IMHO

- Enjoyed the discussion of the "possibilities" for the cause of the 180 degree planetary flip

SC seemed truly surprised that rock could turn into liquid. Apparently even less viscous (more slippery) than magma following the interior "Gigantic" interior "nuclear explosion"

- SC seems to think the continents are like boats floating on a big sea?

- Loved the imaginary "ball of clay with the knitting needle" analogy .
Santa should give him a globe for Xmas this year (only if he is a very good boy)

- Somehow SC thinks it happens twice every processional 26,000 years BUT also happens much more frequently as well?

- Seems to revert back to massive ice sheet melt as the main driver? SC doesn't seem to consider that Earth is 30% dry land and 70% sea, what about all that water sloshing all over the planet? Maybe will be corrected when he gets the Globe for Xmas ?

Maybe it all happens like the 'pull the tablecloth out from under the plates trick'
i.e. Do it quick enough and all the water stays in place?

ANY WAY it was thoroughly entertaining. I don't understand why he doesn't grow his hair, or buy a wig, and go FULL ON Billy Connelly style?

Highly recommended viewing


PS LOL my all time favorite also got a run ....."there's a ton of evidence"

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