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One will still pass on the thawed flash frozen Mammoth and Bison steaks with A-1 Sauce for now. (Just kidding)

Many thanks for that 2002 article that scrutinizes Graham Hancock’s publication “Fingerprints of The Gods.” Typos included (Not to be taken personally, one is hardly the literary genius of skilled penmanship, correct spelling or syntax, either). The folks involved in its compilation could not have known about what was to be found later on in that southeastern Alaskan region. That Malaspina Glacier region in 2014-15.

Especially noteworthy are those fossil palms, of extraordinary sizes, that needed an exceptionally warm and wet climate for year-round growth that were found in a glacial zone of sorts and of a latitude not supporting tropical year round weather conditions. Although, given the near proximity in time of publication of Graham’s book “America Before” one would have thought that those fossil finds might have just made into that 2019 publication. Of course, one could have had a brief period of blurry-eyed syndrome and glossed over it. It can be reread easily enough and listened to. Those audio versions of favored books are better suited for this upright simian type. Needless to say, those finds were an unwelcomed surprise to established doctrine and academics one will not name. So, there is the possibility they were left out if known given the big spiel those very old fossils would have conjured.

There is one Paleontologist that actually was able to dramatize the event of that find while filming a documentary in the area in real time about the formation of the North American Continent. The documentary is called, “Making North America,” a NOVA/PBS production, with Dr Kirk Johnson, Paleontologist, Sant Director of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, last I knew before this Covid business.

At any rate, in it he and his team unearth a large palm fossil of an earlier age during filming of one of the series episodes just before the tide comes ashore. Just made it, too. Luck or destiny don’t know which but what a find.

One does not need footnotes and documentation for it. Only permission to use data contained within, a real time saver. One can get the live version as it happened that includes team membership, earthen position location, some innovative extraction techniques for removing fossils intact, and a host of other details and facts science loves to have for its three requisites (Must be communicated and observable, must be measurable, and must be repeated) Of course, the fossilization will take a while and recreating the many years for that process, ...well, ... might take some doing in a confining laboratory of sorts. That shoreline and general region will do, for now, for a one stop.

The question(s) remain about how those fossils got there, but what a wealth of information that can be interpreted from them in that location, the resources needed to grow to such sizes, the current weather/climate of the region, the amount of fresh water needed, and a host of other check boxes to scrutinize.

Given those bits of data yet to be fathomed and just how they might have an influence on other historical past events remains to be seen, I suspect.

Nearly everything tropical about those fossils is out of place up there in Alaska. Yet they are there.

One so distrusts paradigms. Tar pits of default. In one’s opinion, they’re the most tainted nuisances of the sciecnes of all time and yet they persist.

Thanks again

"Mind like parachute, must be open to function." ~ Charlie Chan - Famous Chinese detective character - Trust, is another matter for whom it is granted.

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