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Hello Scott

Yes, mathematics is the essence of communication in the first place, and is exhibited in the communication styles of all things that have motion...the language of mathematics permeates this side of existence. ‘Things’ express that language in different ways though, especially visually for those with eyes, and while shapes, colours and symbols are the results of mathematics presented in specific ways, writing expresses more than the hidden math within something...isn’t that where we are at? We either talk to each other or write things for readers.

It looks like Khufu’s pyramid affects the eye on the one hand, and the understanding of the pyramid’s affectations on the other hand, which the eye is useless for in grasping...the once-hidden feature above the entrance was for both those who knew it was there in its state, and for the pyramid itself in being a part of a whole that functioned, with other parts being the chambers, passages, and certainly its size and shape...that’s the intention, isn’t it? To model something upon various important factors in order to perform a function that is quite esoterically scientific? much information is contained within such a simple group of symbols against all the understanding necessary to know what that actually means? Those who did not model their ‘transition threshold’ in such as a pyramid or its comparison made a simple rectangular room and wrote ‘spells’ upon the walls, both inside and out when walls are built, while those who built such things had their hands upon the construction...and sometimes left their own marks whether by blood, sweat, tears and finger prints, or by inscription of some kind...the same really...they are marks left which can be interpreted and understood, much like our understanding of mathematics and geometry coming from just measuring things in some way.

I reckon many constructions have hidden marks by those who esoterically wanted to be connected with the thing they helped build...much like the person/s the construction is tailor-made for has their own ‘measurements’ encoded in some way, so we don’t know how many ‘tags’ are upon blocks of stone within any construction or natural can determine age, right? Like, testing the paint in the relieving chambers, yes? How old?

But still just a ‘tag’ by someone…

I’ve just started reading ‘Giza’s former latitude...’ and offer it is 1/1440th shy of 30o latitude, which does extend out to 1440 x 1440 x 12 x 63.36” = 24,883.2 mile, which alludes to an expanse of land being able to be surveyed with little hindrance...besides vast mountains and oceans. Having a firm grasp on astronomy and math allows for the whole world to be explored when it can be sectioned down to size. 63.36” is 1/1,000 of a mile.

Of course, a specific spot on the Giza Plateau may replicate astronomical alignments and Khafre’s Temple looks quite promising, but I’m wondering about your ‘circle of sites’ reflecting purposeful positioning according to...what exactly? They show a circle overlaid to Earth which may expand out to observations of either 1 star or a constellation...but we have to accept a note about Khufu’s pyramid, ergo that it was built next to the Temple of Isis. Have we identified where this temple is, let alone what it is? What does it represent?…but can it be located without bias?

Bias infects observations and estimations...the descending and ascending passages are not the same angle, nor does the Grand Gallery hold either of those angles but hold its own, so I can’t subscribe to your observations about that.

Yeah, the last section...rewrite can do better

It is your effort making your work work...

This site is the playground...isn't it...time to graduate, Scott. Go big! Or go home


Does a caterpillar know it will turn into a butterfly?

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