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I just finished your book (except for the appendices). I want to thank you for drawing my attention to a number of ancient sources that were unfamiliar to me, regarding the pole shift issue. Experience has taught me to treat ancient material with respect, so when we read that the sun once rose in the west and set in the east, we should pay close attention. I also believe your interpretation of the Dream Stele is probably correct. The juxtaposition of the two sphinxes back to back, facing opposite directions is a powerful image, and the double presence of the akhet hieroglyph signifying the sunrise is confirmatory. An important truth about our planet seems to have been hidden in plain sight! Wow.

I was also unaware of the reference in Plato’s Statesman to a world changing pole shift. Having looked, it is certainly there! (I will have more to say about Plato in a moment.)

Your thoughts about the void in the Great Pyramid and its possible significance are interesting, and your case for a stellar timeline is ingenious. There’s one way to find out for certain about the void. Hopefully the Egyptian authorities will be persuaded to carry out the necessary investigation in the near future. A small drill hole into the chamber should be sufficient to determine if anything important lies hidden there.

I am going to limit the remainder of these comments to issues that are important to me. I am at a loss to understand why you think there is some connection between Hapgood’s Alaskan/Yukon north pole position and the present north pole in the Arctic Ocean. The 2001 research you cite by Jim Bowles and Jim Alison is out of date. Neither used the new Google Earth Pro earth mapping software, insofar as I can determine. Nor was this powerful mapping tool available to Hapgood, Flem-Ath, or Colin Wilson.

Mark Carlotto found that the relevant pole position is not in Alaska nor the Yukon but nearby in the Bering Sea, as determined by extremely accurate archeological alignments. These include the Temple of the Winged Lion (Petra) and the famous Tomb of Agamemnon (Greece). One of the Nazca lines in Peru is a third alignment and locks in the position. The spot on agreement of these three sites cannot be due to coincidence. Indeed, the stunning discovery by Carlotto of the Nazca alignment should have raised eyebrows throughout the science community. The Nazca line is so prominent it is visible from 100 miles up, that is, from space.

There is more good news. We know the epoch when this pole position was current thanks to 200 years of research in the bone caves of Britain. This work began in the 1820s with the amazing discovery of hippopotamus bones in Kirkdale Cave, Yorkshire. The Bering Sea pole position is perfectly consistent with the presence of hippos and other subtropical species also found in Kirkdale. This would place England at the latitude of Africa where hippo habitat presently exists. Some years ago, one of the hippo fossils was isotopically dated to 121,000 years BP using the uranium method.

The implications of this dated hippo fossil are mind boggling. The spot on alignments indicate that,120,000 years ago, advanced human civilizations existed in the Mediterranean region (which was then equatorial) and in the high Andes. Assuming the isotopic dating method is valid, there is no other possible interpretation.

Three other former north/south pole positions have also been identified. In other words, the earth’s crust has moved four times during the last 120,000+ years. These cataclysmic events help to explain the successive world ages so often mentioned in ancient writings and mythology.

With regard to the term “pole shift”, I believe the general usage of this term has hampered progress in understanding the phenomenon. The term is ambiguous because it has at least two very different meanings.

I have already discussed the first type of pole shift, which was originally described by Charles Hapgood and involves a displacement of the earth’s crust. I prefer the term “crustal displacement” to “pole shift” because it is more specific. But “geographic pole shift” is another useful alternative, and refers to the same phenomenon.

The second type of pole shift (the primary type you discuss in your book) is more properly known as a magnetic pole reversal. With this type, the polarity of the north and south poles flip: the north pole becomes the new south pole, and vice versa. Although I have only begun to study this phenomenon, I have already ruled out the “tippy top” model mentioned in your book. I believe it is physically impossible. But there is another plausible model, though many will find it too fantastic for words. Plato actually gave a hint about it in his Statesman. The story told by Plato makes at least five separate references to a reversal of the earth’s rotation. Did Plato know more than he was prepared to tell? It seems so.

Curiously, an independent scientist named Doug Vogt has described this type of mechanism in his book, God’s Day of Judgement. The title is apropos. Most of the book is dedicated to the author’s pet theory that the ancient Hebrews discovered advanced ET technology (including the Ark of the Covenant) in a cave in Sinai. It’s pretty woo woo. However, the long 80-page chapter in which Vogt describes his mechanism of magnetic pole reversal is definitely worth reading. He did a lot of homework. The chapter has 400 footnotes. I take issue with Vogt on many points. Even so, I think he could be onto something. The driver for such an event would be a Nova event involving our sun. Not a Super Nova but a much smaller scale solar event.

According to Vogt, a magnetic reversal starts imperceptively, and probably years beforehand. Little by little, the length of the day begins to lengthen as the rotation of the earth slows down. After the solar Nova, the rotation quickly comes to a stop, and a moment later begins again but in the opposite direction! Such an event would be cataclysmic beyond reckoning, as the oceans of the earth, which are in no way attached to the planet, spill over and flood the continents due to inertia. Is this how the Great Deluge occurred?

Afterward, the sun would rise in the west and set in the east.

Food for thought…



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