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Hi Tobias

It looks like you put a lot of work into your book, and weave together some great sources and references to make your case about the two pillars: one of stone and the other of brick, and both recording what astronomy can give over, not just as recording celestial mechanics but also being a calculator to perform astrology by.

It kind of seems that the scope of astronomy is the skin of astrology, and both can show not just the past of mankind in formations of figures/constellations and where planetary bodies, the sun and moon are in regards to Earth and our view upon the celestial scene, relating such things to our seasons and the overlay of such to the human condition, but also presenting the good and bad days or seasons to come, due to celestial mechanics and its bodies being in certain locations against the horizon and what man can determine as their meanings.

Would the pillar of stone represent what can be fashioned out of the Earth in a complete form, while the pillar of brick represent what man can reduce Earth to and reconstruct it?

It kind of leans to one pillar being completely natural that nature gives over, while the other pillar is what man has learned from nature and is able to recreate it as a form.


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