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You've done a terrific job of summarizing and updating our understanding of these caves with your own explorations.

What always makes this work most interesting is what we don't know, and what we might still find.

Debunkers will always try to discredit or trivialize, but the comments can't ever replace your thoughtful efforts to understand just a little bit more.


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The Tayos Caves 378 Susan Doris 08-Feb-21 06:49
Re: The Tayos Caves 110 PB Bytes 09-Feb-21 01:12
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Re: The Tayos Caves 86 Susan Doris 09-Feb-21 18:12
Re: The Tayos Caves 86 HeTexplorer 09-Feb-21 19:51
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The Tayos Caves 73 HeTexplorer 11-Feb-21 00:45
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What's next? 73 drrayeye 17-Feb-21 20:33
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Re: What's next? 71 drrayeye 18-Feb-21 04:56
Re: What's next? 55 HeTexplorer 18-Feb-21 23:29
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A multidisciplinary team 53 drrayeye 18-Feb-21 21:46
Re: A multidisciplinary team 60 Susan Doris 19-Feb-21 13:53
Re: A multidisciplinary team 73 HeTexplorer 20-Feb-21 04:44
Re: The Tayos Caves 64 HeTexplorer 18-Feb-21 14:40
Re: The Tayos Caves 59 Susan Doris 19-Feb-21 06:20
P.S. re Audio book 65 Susan Doris 19-Feb-21 15:43
Re: The Tayos Caves 47 Merrell 18-Mar-21 21:42
Re: The Tayos Caves 51 Susan Doris 19-Mar-21 06:33
Re: The Tayos Caves 47 Merrell 19-Mar-21 14:00
Re: The Tayos Caves 46 HeTexplorer 19-Mar-21 10:09
Re: The Tayos Caves 51 Susan Doris 19-Mar-21 18:14
Don't worry 48 drrayeye 24-Mar-21 22:35

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