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Yes,Dear Doris...

I didn't presumed preconception or prejudice from your points of view, but I think to go in more extended discussion the readers and followers of this forum should read my book at large.

Yes, a mastodons tooth was find during some of the expeditions, as that region have a lot of fossils...when is oil..there have been prehistoric fauna and flora...etc.

Only one cave of the hundreds--the Coangos Tayos cave was studied with deepness in 1976,and nothing relevant of methodic multidisciplinary happened in such big scale, been the one who followed, including mine, in modest scale and limited team.

Although still many aspects of the Coangos cave remains unresolved and limited in scope, above all the human remains and possible other angles of ancient human population bear the illuminated entrances by the sun.

Friendly locals send me pictures of giant footprints found in the clay soil near the vertical entrance...and more..

Comparative studies will be give new horizons and perspectives, also with new technologies..

until net time...

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