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The article by Alex Chionetti to which I have just listened must be one of the longest AoM articles ever, and every word a fascinating and excellent read. Many thanks to Alex Chionetti. I'm really sorry I can't se the photographs.

To organise the transport of all the equipment must have been a mammoth task but the reward of actually being in those galleries and halls would have made it worth while. I also admire tremendously anyone who wants to explore deep underground. We, those of us who would take one look at the first descent and back away!, owe a debt of gratitude to those who continue because of the knowledge we gain from their work.

As a natural--born sceptic, I dismiss the idea of a room full of metal, but that was such a minor part of the article that that is irrelevant! The information about the geology, the waterfall, the flora and fauna is so interesting and absorbing.


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