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With nothing particular to do this afternoon, I clicked on the link and listened to miles of text! I skimmed past the lists of pictures.
I’m afraid I did not find it interesting at all but that is not surprising, and in fact I would be interested to know what groups of people or individuals are of like mind.

A few questions:
If something is indescribable

The indescribable source is arch.
how can you say what it is or that it exists anyway?

It is knowable only through its expressions. Nature and culture, innate experience and re-expression, are among its expressions. Thus we have some conscious access to the source
What source?
What is ‘Spiritual craft’?

Structuralist anthropology has some experience in ‘tacking’ between data sets apparently in ‘disunity’, across time, place and layers of consciousness, as advocated by Alyson Wylie (1989, after Bernstein). Human sciences could extend its scope to global, diachronic behaviour. An opportunity, and perhaps a pressing need in the humanities, is to recognise differences between core culture and localised ‘branding’, and to inform society undergoing unprecedented globalisation and ‘culture’ shock. As nations and cities faction and fraction due to rival socio-economic bonds, the humanities could raise knowledge or (Note: spelling?!) our collective subconscious impulses, and our need for minor polity differences. A small step from modelling cultures, to modelling culture, may offer a leap in human sciences applications, validity and relevance, and potentially in general understanding of our place within nature.
As far as I know, we have in general a fairly good understanding of our place within nature. How do you think we do not?


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