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Hi Mitra

Welcome to the board.

In your essay you wrote:

"This is the experience of unity between ourselves and creation – the ultimate meeting between the divinity within us, and the divinity around us. The indigenous Taitas (shamans) of Colombia refer to the experience of this meeting point as a “celestial drunkenness.” All Spiritual practices ultimately seek to create a pathway for this experience of communion.

Mystics have always had to face the challenge of describing the indescribable. How can one describe something that cannot be measured? That can only be lived as a direct experience?"

These words really resonate with me, recalling very specific episodes in my own life. It's as if a common language is being conveyed, one where "indescribable" conveys something far greater than what is normally inferred. Lao Tse was quite on point, back in the day. To me it's a kind of Keyword. There are others.

So, you are able to find your way back to that state of awareness by poetry. I'm glad that works for you. I'm too much of a hack to do that. But I have found that reflecting on my memories of these Sacred episode works quite well.

Stay well

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