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Hello Michael,

You make excellent points! Obviously, you have been thinking along similar lines. Your suggested pole position on the west side of Greenland is close to the locations Mark Carlotto and I have identified - and which correlate with the second oldest stratigraphic layer in the bone caves of Britain.

No doubt, other former north pole locations remain unknown to us. Each time an ice sheet covers the land it tends to erase the evidence of previous ice caps, which is why the fossil evidence in the bone caves is so important.

I agree with you about Antarctica. The Palmer Peninsula and other parts of West Antarctica were in the temperate zone during the Last Glacial Maximum. These regions probably were inhabited by humans. Rose and Rand Flem-ath might even be correct that this was the location of Atlantis. There have been rumors of a major archeological discovery down under, but as far as I know, no confirmation, thus far.

I was unaware of Robert Argod's book. So, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will definitely check it out.

Feel free to send critical feedback, after you have gone through the book. My contact information is provided.

Thanks again for sharing. Mark

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