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dick.khan Wrote:
> Hi,

So, you see aya ceremonies as being
> recommended, but not enough to go to South
> American yet enough to find one in the
> UK...
> I would definitely recommend an ayahuasca ceremony
> to anyone that feels they may benefit from the
> experience. I suppose the majority of attendees
> undertake some prior research and have an outline
> idea of what’s involved. I would jump at the
> chance to experience ayahuasca in South America.
> However, it’s a financial commitment and a time
> commitment that I cannot really justify to myself
> or my family at this stage in my life. Should that
> ever change, I’ll be on a plane bound for
> Brazil. I was very fortunate to be introduced to a
> U.K. based retreat by a friend. These retreats are
> understandably very secretive. These too come at a
> price - albeit one that I can just about justify
> to myself and my wife.

May I ask this then. What would you say are
> the benefits you've gotten from smoking DMT alone
> vs in your better group experiences?
> The main differences are the experiential results
> from the chosen route of administration (ROA).
> Smoking DMT is an exceptionally intense yet very
> short-lived experience (a few mins); whereas
> drinking ayahuasca in ceremony lasts for several
> hours. In terms of opportunities for
> self-awareness (at a very deep level) and
> self-development, ayahuasca will prove itself to
> be a very powerful medicine. The group dynamic is
> relevant in creating an overall ceremonial
> atmosphere but the experience remains profoundly
> tailored to the individual.

PBB - My understanding of people on aya is that some can function quite normally while on it. I wonder this - if you had to, would you be able to interact with the normal world in normal routines? I get that some need to lie down and barf, but beyond this how functional could one be? Would it be very much like navigating two worlds at once: the outer mundane and the inner aya that is probably best dialed into on one's back? I'm thinking basic stuff, like going into supermarkets and being able to buy things without calling attention to yourself, or getting petrol... Thoughts?

In terms of smoking,
> as the article stated, I believe much of the
> change in me occurred through wilfully subduing my
> ego’s incessant appeals against smoking DMT,
> whenever I decided to commit to the molecule. The
> smoked ROA gave me much greater insight into the
> esoteric mechanics of these experiences and a very
> much greater appreciation that the typical DMT
> experience is one that attracts a powerful
> non-physical entity into one’s immediate setting
> - effectively giving it licence to interact with
> the user in a manner of ways. This became all the
> more appreciable in an outdoor setting.

> Overall, I would say ayahuasca is by far the more
> beneficial to one’s health and well-being,
> whereas smoked DMT is an incredibly powerful tool
> for securing profound interaction with nature’s
> higher hidden denizens. Both are life-changing
> experiences.

PBB I envision you saying aya is a slow burn existential discovery thing, one that may reveal other worlds while retaining a profound groundedness here, whereas DMT smoked is more like a rocket launch that leads to other worlds... ?
> Thanks for opportunity to further the discussion.

You bet, very interesting. I definitely would like to try this, but I have to do it in a place where it's legal and controlled, and that's off the radar for now. A big takeaway here is you saying you would hop on a jet to South America pronto under different circumstances. Tells me much about the flavours of your UK experience.

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