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dick.khan Wrote:
> Hi PBB,

Invasive is a very interesting term, but I
> doubt that you mean it in a necessarily coercive
> sense...?
> You’re correct. Even though invasive was the
> most accurate descriptive I could think of, I’m
> conscious that it has the potential to conjure up
> discomforting feelings.

PBbytes - I strongly suspect that there are mutual apriori agreements involved in some of this. The film Avatar comes to mind.

I think it’s relevant to
> say that I was seemingly led, by degrees, into
> this aspect of the experience,

PBBytes - I totally get this feeling. When I look back on how I've reached my own metaphysical conclusions I see an Initiation, the postfacto knowledge that I was indeed led. .

and I don’t doubt
> for one minute that those powerful non-physical
> entities would vacate in an instant at the
> slightest whiff of panic from me.

PBBytes - In the aftermath I fully believe that the Initiator was good, so I would expect the same.

Indeed, I’ve
> had a couple of challenging experiences that
> I’ve called a halt to, and the entity has
> immediately ceased its interaction with me and
> vacated in a manner that has ultimately proved
> very rewarding to my investigative inquiries.

PBBytes - there's a sign of higher intelligence, being able to spin one's departure in a way that the other finds "very" beneficial!

...what portends is an increasing awareness
> that our thoughts are much less private than we
> ordinarily think, and more consequential? How does
> that sound?
> That sounds absolutely perfect! The inner life
> that we assume is completely private (our thoughts
> and our feelings) is not so private as we assume
> it to be. Interactions with strangers and those we
> already know is more meaningful than we suppose.
> From an esoteric viewpoint, of course.
PBBYtes - One final question. The image I have of Ayahuascans is one of group activity; people going off to South America mainly, all gathering around a shaman, imbibing as one. You sound like you've gone solo with DMT and long and deep that way? Am I right? I would think that your experience doesn't get diluted from group think, with the Messaging being uncluttered.

Does that describe you, and what are your thoughts on the matter of doing DMT solo vs in groups?

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