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dick.khan Wrote:
I am
> hesitant to say the experiences lost novelty. On
> the one occasion that I entertained that notion,
> after experiencing somewhat repetitive
> breakthroughs, the experiences became invasive -
> and that was an exceedingly shocking change in the
> nature of these encounters.

Invasive is a very interesting term, but I doubt that you mean it in a necessarily coercive sense...? After all, you are the one that initiates these experiences.

It’s quite possible
> - though I am very much still coming to terms with
> my own experiences and the wider cultural impact
> from what the presence of these powerful
> non-physical entities may portend - that the
> esoteric idea my thoughts and feelings in this
> life may not be so private post-mortem, has
> prompted me and continues to prompt me to evaluate
> aspects of my inner life and my interactions with
> others.

My personal take, based on my some of own non-ordinary experiences, which didn't involve DMT, is that what portends is an increasing awareness that our thoughts are much less private than we ordinarily think, and more consequential? How does that sound?

> 2nd question
> Great question! The truth is, I am unsure. I can
> say I have had sober moments - typically when
> resting - when it has been clear to me that what I
> would consider to be a non-physical entity has
> become present in my setting; usually evident by a
> painless swollen feeling coupled with a feeling
> of motion throughout the upper portion of my
> cranium. I have had similar moments - typically
> when home alone - when there was no valid excuse
> not to pursue research with DMT, and I have
> perceived the very same presence; oddly lingering
> up until the point I shake my head and inwardly
> concede that on no account am I smoking DMT today.
> I have not had any insight into my future, but I
> do receive inspirational ideas...

Personally, I require such insight, and have received it on several of those occasions. It's truly necessary for me, I would say, as a vetting thing. Not that others need the same kind of validation, mind you.

Stay well PBB

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