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Hi PB Bytes,

Thanks for your kind comment about the article and for such a welcome and thought-provoking question.

1st question:

It seems to me that progression was a factor of being persistent in commitment and wilful observation, coupled with being subtly led, by degrees, from the visual to the invasive and then, when outdoors, the revelatory experiences whereby a magnificent and sizeable non-physical life-form would manifest in my setting and be observable in otherwise consensus reality. On my part, commitment to the experiences never became any easier, and on reflection, I can see my strategy had more basis in wilfully ignoring my fears and anxieties than operating on pure courage. Arriving at the conclusion that these experiences where one-on-one interactions with powerful non-physical lifeforms did nothing to make my commitment any easier. If anything, I had to redouble my efforts to wilfully ignore my fears and anxieties. I am hesitant to say the experiences lost novelty. On the one occasion that I entertained that notion, after experiencing somewhat repetitive breakthroughs, the experiences became invasive - and that was an exceedingly shocking change in the nature of these encounters. It’s quite possible - though I am very much still coming to terms with my own experiences and the wider cultural impact from what the presence of these powerful non-physical entities may portend - that the esoteric idea my thoughts and feelings in this life may not be so private post-mortem, has prompted me and continues to prompt me to evaluate aspects of my inner life and my interactions with others.

2nd question

Great question! The truth is, I am unsure. I can say I have had sober moments - typically when resting - when it has been clear to me that what I would consider to be a non-physical entity has become present in my setting; usually evident by a painless swollen feeling coupled with a feeling of motion throughout the upper portion of my cranium. I have had similar moments - typically when home alone - when there was no valid excuse not to pursue research with DMT, and I have perceived the very same presence; oddly lingering up until the point I shake my head and inwardly concede that on no account am I smoking DMT today. I have not had any insight into my future, but I do receive inspirational ideas for inclusion in my next literary project - DMT & My Occult Mind III. Whilst I have occasionally made notes of these ideas I am more inclined to consider them and then allow them to settle in my conscious or sub-conscious mind, considering they all contribute to ongoing changes in my ontological outlook.

Hope I answered along the lines of correctly interpreting what you were asking me. If not, please prompt me accordingly.

Always good wishes


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