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Hi Dick, interesting article and very well written.

Just a thought or question or two...

Your description of this experience recalls Graham, who has said that the entities he encounters on aya are often so very pleased to see him...

My questions proceed from these portions...

"Even without considering non-physical lifeforms and interaction with said beings, this initial effect of DMT upon the individual is phenomenally interesting. But the really important consideration here is that this strange and powerful outpouring significantly alters one’s setting, as an expansive mass of one’s own mind-stuff rapidly projects in a bubblelike manner from one’s being. Even more significant, however, is that bizarre and bountiful output essentially serves as signal that is attractive to certain species of non-physical lifeforms."

Got it, but I think I would need more than a light show and special effects. You seem to have been able to move beyond this, when the initial experiences lose their novelty. Can you describe that process: of going from novelty to this being oddly normal to moving beyond the latter and continuing with new growth...

It does seem to come through in your writing and the video that I am watching, that this is working for you.

"Not everyone subscribes to the view that these experiences are based on interaction with non-physical lifeforms. Very generally speaking, adherents of the DMT experience are divided between those who ascribe the experience solely to the machinations of their own mind, and those who, like me, attest to powerful otherworldly entities being central to the experience."

Understood, but can you get the entities to reach you from the outside, when you are in normal consciousness? Do they tell you things about your future, or is what you experience more like inner cognitive real time inspirations, with no later validation, other than how good the experience felt?

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