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Hi DK, Jazz,

Think we all agree there are entities outside of our selves ~out there, as we discussed in the other thread.
It would be ludicrous to think that Human-kind have the whole universe to ourselves.
DMT, and other psycho-tropic drugs (and some practices) drop the screens that ego and self have erected around our nuclear beings and allowing the individual seed consciousness to become fully aware,
but at the same time highly visible.

Instantly stripped of all cloaking by a powerful psychedelic 'rush', the naked 'astral body is like a beacon to those in that ephemeral realm of existence.
They notice you immediately, but you may not 'see' them until you fully open your ~6th sense, by closing eyes or perhaps with some focus and concentration.
More than one way to skin a cat.

A natural initial response may be fear and flight, but repeated experiences and familiarity can induce receptivity, humor and playfulness, although some of the initial shock value may diminish. It's the old saw, get it while getting's good.

My experience has been, and the literature seems to confirm, some are allies and some which
want to share your fire.

Re DMT specifically, the comment by that tantric buddhist adept who was given it (from Dick or one of his links) has stuck with me. Something to the effect that the drug takes one to very near the limits of our thread of consciousness, a neighborhood where humanity can no longer be sustained, or something along that line...

It's of course a personal choice to either take a psychedelic with the attitude the Greeks epitomized at Eleusis, as entheogen;
or as a high-powered recreational drug to meet trippy aliens.
Perhaps one can do both for a while, bearing mind that it is the User's energy that is being used up.

The mind is just transceiver and processor, at least while we are still in our hides , imo
∫ : • ))

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