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Hello Justin

Thanks for commenting here - you’re not too late at all!

My position on entities being non-physical beings from hidden nature (rather than products of my mind alone) stems from my practical research smoking DMT within both indoor and outdoor settings and particularly by maintaining a preference for experimenting with eyes open and daylight or illuminated conditions.

Had my research convincingly led me to the position that the fantastic experiences where solely products of my mind, then I would take that position as earnestly as those that adhere to that view.

Once the highly defined visual (hallucinatory) content began to decrease, I was ultimately able to see, in otherwise consensus reality, examples of those powerful beings within whose gift it is to impose such visual wonders upon the percipient. Once my research headed outdoors, my capacity to appreciate that all the more only served to reinforce what I had already become assured of. The occasional appearance of what ufologists would refer to as black orb UFOs (and such like) at the end of a DMT experience gave me the chance to call upon my family to witness the same.

I would say without question that DMT is the pre-eminent mind-manifesting substance to secure contact with these powerful denizens from hidden nature. My experiences with psilocybin mushrooms show experiential commonality with DMT, but many degrees decreased in potency. LSD: evidently mind-manifesting but I don’t secure the same interactive contact as I do with DMT and psilocybin. That’s not to say it’s not so or not possible. Just my personal take based on experience.

The internet is everyone’s go to resource for sourcing information on what materials and techniques are needed in order to secure DMT. I guess I should caveat with the obvious risks around legal status of said substance and personal health and safety.

I enjoyed reading your own experience of possibly perceiving something from outside. We’re so often unsure of what our senses tell us in these states because it’s so unfamiliar to us. By pursuing the DMT experience in an investigatory capacity, my initial open-mindedness was forced to take a position based on repeated experience and wilful careful observation.

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