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Hello dick,

Probably too late to the party here, but really interesting article,
Always going on fuzzy memory, you talk about having tried all sorts,

A few blunt questions,

You say there are two camps regarding entities,
inside and outside,

How would you, as you seem to lean, speak in favour of the outside?
As in, some would say its just a product of the mind,

I have not taken DMT, or ayawaska,
like you I cannot justify or afford a trip to the amazon,
but are there are other ways?,

What would you say are the best means for contact with the other?
DMT , LSD or mushrooms?

Or are they all unique?

And, does each trip have its own unique citizens?

I ask because, having experience of two of the three,
I remember once, where "normal" existed with open eyes,
but behind closed eyes, I "saw" an entity that felt completely and utterly
"from the outside" and "alien".

Always hard to describe,

Any thoughts from anywhere welcome...

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