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Hi Brian

I have not had the time to read or listen to the Immortal Key yet.

It would be interesting to hear if you have looked into the Mithras cult in the roman kingdom.
A cult that was very prevalent amongst roman soldiers, several shrines is found in england and germany
and in scandinavia there is a cognate god called Tyr, Tyr meant animal or bull(in polish it means Aurocks but it also cognate with the word Dios in latin) . I belive Mitra meant Spear head in old persian(the Tiwas/Tyr rune is a spear/but also in the shape of the Tau cross) . In the altars of the mitra cult you see Mitra with a Phyrgian cap slaying a bull.

Mithra was also seen with sunrays around his head, like christ and born on christmas eve.

Several christian churches are build on top of Mithraeums. They held feasts and i suspect drank a portion of wine of some sort, or the blood of the bull. This could be a continuiation of the elusian rites.

I dont know if your book covers this but if you would elaborate, id like to hear your thoughts .

kind regards.

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