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Hi Don

Ooo, nice work you have there. And a bloody marvellous introduction before the book-excerpt, kind of summing up in the last paragraph what the journey uncovers when such a journey is begun, but somewhat overstepping the mark in the first paragraph. You see, what we are left with from ancient sources is the results of their own experiences with “, our journeys, and our purpose, the apparent separation of the physical and spiritual with our consciousness somewhere in between.”

I bet you know the grand thing about striking out on such a journey is having something to place some focus upon which kind of corrals your nature, where something in your make-up says ‘this path will uncover some mysteries about me amid all that surrounds me’...and tenacity, awareness and trying some things a little somewhat differently will surely find your some way.

The ‘Light Cubit’ hey...I have found that the wonder about light is its ability to cast a shadow, and as there is surely no greater light on Earth than that from the sun, our ancients surely utilised that light and that shadow. There is quite a bit that can be said about sunlight casting a shadow, isn’t there? Firstly the importance of the sun as the primary ‘god’ ancient cultures put their faith in and came up with all manner of ways to have the sun as something to respect because of what it offers. And then there are shadows cast by it. Oh, how glorious to define the sun working around something and leaving a trace of that upon the landscape where the shadow has a direct connection to the sun. A man standing 6’ tall at the latitude of Giza on the winter solstice will cast a shadow 97” long across the ground, while 48 days later or earlier, he casts a shadow 72” long, and then 49 days later or earlier, he casts a shadow 36” long. Can you believe this? I mean, a man 72” tall casts a shadow 97” long when the sun is at its lowest, and 97 days earlier and later, the shadow is half the height of the man! Astounding...that would have quite an impact upon the man when he measures things…

Ah, but if he is further north or further south of that latitude, the length of the shadow is shorter or longer, isn’t it. For ancient Egypt, and their differing cubit lengths according to different nomes and their capitals, they relate to the sun and a cast shadow on specific days of the year, when the erect shadow-caster is a specific height, probably throughout the entire length of Egypt it is the same height and reference either the same date used throughout Egypt, or certain dates according to which ‘gods’ are being honoured, as each nome had a certain ‘god’ associated with the site, besides the sun, and thus a ‘birthday’ for festivals.

I think it is very grand that Petrie observed the sun shining directly down the upper shaft of the King chamber in Khufu’s pyramid, and noted the dates of Feb 8 and Nov 2, being 268 days apart on the one hand, and 97 days apart on the other hand. Do you know that 268 days is a good length of time for a child?...from the last day of menstruation of a woman to the day of birth of her child, 268 days is pretty specific, don’t you think?

Hmm...was the Vitruvian Man exactly 6’ tall? There are probably other references to 72 in certain things of the ancients if we look around, so folk will try to uncover things in their ways, especially if it means focusing themselves on something specific which offers a journey to discover themselves amid their surroundings.

Well, considering learning a new language has the ability to rewire the brain so it operates on different levels of awareness that can make one assess one’s surroundings in ways that many folk do not get the chance to discover, nor appreciate, I bet you have a grand sense of awareness and appreciation for what life is. I look forward to your month and what folk discuss.



use knowledge to know-it-forward so someone else can create-anew

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