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DBCarroll Wrote:
> Thank you, I am not familiar with of the
> positioning of the Great Pyramid and light in
> meters you speak of. What I did find as a
> fascinating synchronicity and I write about in the
> book on this measurement and its relationship to
> light.

Precisely. To get there one takes the GP's latitude and coverts it into decimal form. The latitude line 29.9792458 runs through the GP and is about a centimeter thick, from north to south. This, what I call light's 'full signature' in meters, runs through the GP aboout 8 meters north of the GP's center - comfortably inside the GP's overall footprint. It is easy to find confirmation of this.

The key is to recognize such a line's thinness, relative to the global grid. It's extremely improbable that the GP would be built over such a thin line to begin with. And since the full signature of light is 299, 792,458 meters per second, this detail does indeed complement your thesis. Glad I brought it to your attention.

Some mistakenly think that such a connection must be the handiwork of ancient Egyptians who understood this remarkable correlation, otherwise it's luck. I see this correlation fitting a wider phenomenon, and so I think it may be the result of something or someone that worked through them... Such an intelligence may have decided to foreshadow our development, to the formalization of light's relationship to the meter at least four thousand years after this meaningful connection (lat 29.9792458) was installed.

What do you think about that idea, as it may or may not apply to your own work?

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