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Thank you, I am not familiar with of the positioning of the Great Pyramid and light in meters you speak of. What I did find as a fascinating synchronicity and I write about in the book on this measurement and its relationship to light. It's name in the hieroglyphs is Aakhu meh (spirit of light measure) so from the beginning they related it to light. Further this measurement unit is found around the world, like an international unit of measurement, an ancient "meter". So I researched the modern unit of measure, the meter. I'll abbreviate a interesting story to how the meter is determined today.

The length of the meter is determined by how far light travels in a vacuum in 1/299,792,456 fraction of a second. Talk about retro-engineering a measurement to fit! The pyramids of Egypt along with their purpose and construction were always related to light. The purpose of pyramids was to unite the soul’s ka and ba with the body to create an aakhu, a radiant being of light. In the hieroglyphs there is a mysterious unit of measurement called an aakhu meh (spirit/light measure). There was no retrofitting by the Egyptians for their light measurement. This ancient measurement was related to the concept of light both in physicality and spirituality from the beginning.

Another interesting synchronistic link is from Dr. Robert Schoch in his book; Pyramid Quest cites H.S. Lewis in the different determinations of the etymology of the word “pyramid” was derived from the Phoenician “purimmiddoh”, meaning “light measures”.

This is the "light" connection I am familiar with.

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