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Referring to the alternative landscape that you see Whitley. I had an internet friend on another website at one time that used to see a consistent alternative landscape when he was high on some sort of cold medicine. I know you don't do drugs Whitley, so I know that is at least not the "way" this happened to you. Also, though many believe Carlos Castenada made up stories of Mexican shamen he interacted with, the man knew magic and the magic world. His Don Juan would alter his perspective occasionally and they would enter what he called the "sorcerer's world" - no cars, no electric lines.

I'm familiar with the paranormal ranch you mentioned in the CH 4 excerpt. It was discussed here some years ago as I recall. The dire wolf story is interesting, and there were lots of other really creepy things about that place. Skinwalkers are really scary folks and I recall someone here relating as to how to obtain that power. Another person was having trouble with them. Like the author of Mothman stated, belief opens the door. That can be a good thing, but I think not in this case.

I think the Pleistocene idea is intriguing, but I don't really know what to do with it. A more magical time more than likely. Seems like I'm bouncing all over the place. But I'm intrigued about the 3 indians from the "other" ceremony that came up to you. Is it possible for you to describe their faces in more detail?

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