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Thank you, Tom M.C.
Very informative. I am glad you came out of it all in a positive way. I agree with Posterboy that there are stronger forces who will help us when we need it most. I have in my long life found so many books "by accident" (not accident although some will call it that) just the right book for me at that particular time. It has amusingly been called "Library Angels".
So, maybe we should not be too harsh on Strieber for not replying to our posts.
The whole thing scares me, and I hope I can forget about it. But since it pops up now and then, it is not a bad idea to know a bit about it.
How come you were brave enough to make a mushroom tea and do what you did? What sort of mushrooms, and how did you know the correct amount? I could never be that brave, so I hope I won't need it!
I have some banjos under my bed! I hope they would prove a lucky charm!
Snakes: The Egyptian snakes and the snake in paradise, symbolising wisdom. Hmmmm. Some also carry venom, but that is for protection against their enemies, like so many other animals has veapons.

Tom M Culhane Wrote:
> In my previous post I stated that the day after my
> abduction experience, I bought a used book,
> Communion by Whitley Strieber. I flipped to
> a random page and started reading, it was his
> account of the first time he had become aware he
> was an abductee. The most interesting part, as I
> say, was where he says these beings were
> insect-like. I had never heard anything like that
> before, and that was what had most stood out about
> my experience in my apartment the night before:
> that these beings are insect-like.
> Yet if you look at the cover of Communion,
> it shows a face of one of these abductor beings,
> and it looks nothing like an insect. And the book
> was made into a movie, and I once overheard my
> roommate's tv and saw a segment of the movie, and
> they were using this same face for the abductor
> beings as was on the book cover.
> A picture is worth a thousand words. Why would
> Whitley write a non-fiction book and then totally
> misrepresent what these beings look like? In his
> book he even admits that image on the cover is an
> artist's representation but doesn't actually look
> like the abductor beings. So why is it on the
> cover and in the movie??
> If you've read my research you know what my answer
> is: hypnofunk. (hypnotic energy used to make
> people stupid). We live in a hypnotic prison. It's
> obvious to me Whitley's mind is being tampered
> with. He's being "managed". The movie and book are
> designed to make you think, "hey maybe these guys
> aren't so bad after all." Don't fall for it.
> I hope my account gives comfort to anyone reading
> who has had to deal with these degenerates in
> their own life. The way I was shown their
> technology could be overridden by a more advanced
> Power, and the way I connected with helpful spirit
> serpent beings, has made is so this all doesn't
> boggle my mind. I've had to do a tremendous amount
> of crying, brought on by meditation, and I assume
> most was due to these intruders. Little kids are
> very smart. They don't hold in grief, they let it
> go. And then they're laughing.

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