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If you've read my research you know what my answer is: hypnofunk. (hypnotic energ

We live in a hypnotic prison. It's obvious to me Whitley's mind is being tampered with. He's being "managed". The movie and book are designed to make you think, "hey maybe these guys aren't so bad after all." Don't fall for it.
This is not the Paranormal board, so this is not the start of a discussion there, but it is not obvious at all that anyone's mind is 'being tampered with' by any type of alien. That is a belief of his (or anyone else's) own making and the telling of it makes books that presumably sell well enough for him.

My advice to you and anyone else who feels like this is to pause in your reading of stuff which reinforces your belief and concentrate on the science for a while.

End of my posts on this!


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