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Luke, you said to Whitley,

"By the end of Communion you left the reader (or at least me) with the feeling that the aliens who were abducting you might appear unpleasant and perhaps even rapacious in their actions, but that their intentions were good and that they were probably helping you in ways you didn't understand."

Luke, if you are willing to hear another viewpoint, I can tell you most definitely that the intentions of these aliens are not good. Abductions traumatize people and create post trauma stress disorder. I'm copying a few passages from my online account of my own abduction experiences and how I used mushroom tea to treat myself.. Interestingly, Whitley's book Communion is a key part of my story:

"... Allegro's book is called The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross because he says there are so many coded references to hallucinogenic mushrooms... it was a key part of the religion.

The establishment says hallucinogens make you crazy and should be avoided, and they've outlawed them. But ancient cultures around the world used them for medicine. Psychiatrists used to use them for treating various conditions, and have written books about this.

... I can tell you they are good medicine if used properly. My conclusion is in general they are only meant to be used once or twice, to "cleanse the doors of perception." They aren't meant for ongoing, recreation use. As one hippy era guy said to me, "you get all you need from them from that first good strong trip."

Psychiatrists have written about patients coming to them with severe compulsions, ... and after one session with hallucinogens, occluded memories came to the surface and the person walked out cured. The ex president of Alcoholics Anonymous said (but I haven't verified this) more alcoholics have been cured with lsd than by AA. This makes perfect sense to me because these types of medicine can unblock your mind, where all of a sudden you see things you didn't before. Someone who is ruining there life with alcohol yet keeps drinking, obviously has a blank spot on the radar screen so to speak. I wouldn't recommend lsd though, as you wouldn't know what you are consuming, but mushrooms exist in nature, and this type interestingly grow out of cow manure. Apparently something in their digestive tract triggers this. Another "random event"...

But as I say, I do not recommend habitual use, only once or twice is all that is needed, in general. (You can listen to a vid of John Lennon on youtube talking about how he did LSD over and over, and ended up having no ego left, no confidence. He always looked very weak to me when he got older...

The Swiss scientist who accidentally discovered LSD, wrote the book, My Problem Child, he lived past 100, He also was the one who synthesized the "active ingredient" in mushrooms, psilocybin. I've been told they are chemically almost identical and if you make a mushroom tea and strain out the mushrooms to keep most of the toxins out of the tea, with the psilocybin going into the tea, the effect is basically the same as LSD.

That's what I did when I made some mushroom tea and went camping alone, when it felt like the right time and place. Here's what happened:

I was living in Miami Beach in the early mid 90s. I had a dream one day, woke up crying. It was unlike any "dream" before. In the dream I was talking with a medicine man, and he told me a number of things I need to do. One of the things that came up in the dream was, "Hallucinogens are going to be important". This dream was what Native Americans call a "vision dream". The things in it came true over the next three years, and in great detail.

The night I had the dream, as I was going to sleep, I was praying to "my spirit" (that's how I worded things in those days), and asked if I need to do hallucinogens, which I had never really done before. I said, "Be specific.". And as I say I had that dream and got that specific answer, they are going to be important.

It wasn't until a couple of years later, following things, that I ended up in the woods, alone with the mushroom tea I had made from mushrooms I had collected in a field, growing in cow manure.

Why had I asked about hallucinogens? Well, I had read good things about them in a book about a Native medicine man, and had read John Lilly, Timothy Leary, Stanislov Grof, and others. But I had also heard horror stories... I felt leery of things like LSD and peyote, but had always had this good feeling about mushrooms. I knew from reading that they can heal you of occluded memories, memories that are blocked in your mind from reaching consciousness.

I had reason to believe I had severe occluded memories. This part I'm going to write here may be too much for a lot of people, but like I say, I'm writing to seekers, not the CNN robot crowd.

A couple of years before I had the Miami vision dream, I was living in Chicago, and came home one night around 10pm. In my apartment was a friend, he had one room I the other. He was in his room. I went into mine, and all of a sudden I started to get really scared and starting acting strangely. I looked under the bed, looked in drawers, in the closet, and sat on the bed. I thought, man I'm not going to be able to get to sleep, I am so scared. why am I acting like this?

I lay down, and must have gone right to sleep. My next memory is a split second memory, but a state of total panic. The most terrified I can ever remember feeling. I am frozen on the bed, I would be screaming but can't move, it's the middle of the night it seems, and beings are in the room. They are shocked I have become conscious of them.

Then it's morning and the light is coming thru the window. As I open my eyes a thought is running thru my head, over and over, "Thank God that was only a dream, thank God that was only a dream..."

And I knew it was no dream, and thought, how did those sleazy things implant that fake thought into my mind? However they did, it didn't fool me.

The next night I could not get to sleep, I kept opening my eyes to check the room... The third night it got easier...

The day after this happened, later that day I was walking past a book store, after work, and they had used books sitting outside for 50 cents. One had to do with "alien abductions", so I bought it, not really feeling like reading it. But I brought it home and just "randomly" flipped to a page and started reading. I believe the book was Communion by Whitney Streiber (sp?), I could find the exact passage if needed. Anyway the author of this book claims he had been repeatedly abducted by alien beings, and the passage I had flipped to recounted the first time he became aware of this.

He says something like, he came home, he got really scared, he looked under the bed, looked in the closet, in the drawers... and then went to sleep, and later that night awoke, frozen on the bed, totally terrified, there were beings in the room.

I mean it was exactly like the experience I had just gone thru. And then he says something very interesting. I had heard about "alien abductions" before, and at this point in my life had done enough real world investigating to know that the establishment is a total scam, and so was open to the idea that alien abductions do happen. Also, I had always been plagued with fear. As a kid I was always terrified. And as I got older I wondered what had caused this. I seemed to have the symptoms of what is called Post Trauma Stress Disorder.

The night I had that experience of being frozen on the bed, I got my answer. It was obvious to me this was not the first time these sleazy beings had done that to me. And one thing really stood out in my mind about that split second experience of catching them. They appeared to be insect like. I had never heard anything like that before about "aliens".

So in the book I was reading the next day, the interesting statement that author made was, he said the beings that had him frozen on the bed appeared to be insect like.

Ok, whoa! I knew I had been given some kind of special communication by picking up that book. As scary as that abduction experience was, and as sleazy as those beings are, there is a power in this Universe that was able to override their technology and BUST them. I caught them cold. And the book I was led to the next day, exactly describing the experience but written by someone else, served to confirm what I already knew, that is was no dream, and served to show me that it was intended by a Greater Power that this happen, that I catch them violating me.

I've only told a couple people in my life the story I've written here. Who would I tell? I know a few special people who are able to work with this level of knowledge, but as for the CNN robot crowd that blindly believes anything Big Brother tells them in the scam media, scam school system, scam religions, ... the knowledge wouldn't transfer.

So that's why I asked about if I should use "psychotropic drugs" aka hallucinogens as I was going to sleep that one night in Miami Beach, and had the vision dream that gave me the answer. So in the woods a couple years later, alone, with the mushroom tea, on the longest night of the year, I swigged down the tea in the afternoon. I was expecting to have some horrible memories come to the surface, and was bracing myself, ... but I wanted to walk out of those woods a new man, healed. Free of these "irrational" fears that had gripped me my whole life.

So what happened instead is I had one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever been thru. As the tea started to kick in, I started to feel a bit nauseous, but it quickly passed. The trees started to look really beautiful to me, and I had a sense to stay within a certain area, they were protecting me in some way. Colors became so vivid and beautiful. The Sun started to set, and I started to see into what I believe is a different dimension. Native teachers say what we see around us "is only the shadow of things". What I was experiencing in those woods tied in with this a lot. Things were shifting around me, the plants ... I was seeing them on another level. And I saw these beautiful geometric shapes, like a crystalline lattice that underlies the physical realm. I saw that for a split second.

Then I noticed snakes, that appeared to be moving thru the ground and moving thru other shapes. Not physical snakes, but a very real sense of them. Native teachers around the world talk about snakes with reverence. I could see why. When it got dark, I could see the snakes in my minds eyes. They were multicolored and beautiful. They appeared to be holding the insect/human beings that had abducted me. It's hard to describe, but it was a strong sense that these spirit serpent beings had come to protect me.

I was camping and had my tent near there, so I slept and the next day coming out of my tent, I left those woods and had this sense that those beautiful spirit snake beings were protecting me. Now I see why the establishment is always demonizing serpents.

I've had lots of time since then to think about these insect beings that have traumatized me in this life. What I have concluded up to this point is, they are a type of human, probably bioengineered fairly recently by HAL and company, and serve as a type of military being, to help HAL and company run plantation Earth.

They are NOT our friendly space brothers trying to "help us evolve", like some think. Abductions traumatize people. Believe me, these are not wise beings, even though they have the use of better toys than you do.

However, just as there are so many humans from our species that are total degenerates, but there are others that are good, so it may be with these insectoid humans.

Lastly, let me stress, I have talked about receiving information thru a vision dream and messages in other ways, BUT, HAL and company are expert at sending people fake messages, and I can tell you, they can be quite elaborate. There in NO SUBSTITUTE for common sense. So just because you hear a voice or see a vision, have a dream, or see beings literally come thru the wall, that is no reason to be kissing anyone's feet or blindly trusting in what the communication says.

I don't know how good HAL and company are at reading your mind, but I can tell you they have the ability to send you impulses, for example the urge to ask a question, and they can time that with a fake message to answer it to try to trick you. These insectoid human beings that had me frozen on the bed that night, I have the feeling they didn't use the stairs to get into my room. So, messages can save you time, but you always have to decide if a message is real, a trick, or just something random."

Taken from my free online writings I reference in my thread in the Mysteries forum here called Grid Orients European Cities to Great Pyramid and North Pole.

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