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Hi Whitley. By the end of Communion you left the reader (or at least me) with the feeling that the aliens who were abducting you might appear unpleasant and perhaps even rapacious in their actions, but that their intentions were good and that they were probably helping you in ways you didn't understand.

It reminds me of the Rumi poem Jesus On A Lean Donkey, where a Holy Man sees a snake go into a sleeping man's mouth, so he beats him and forces him to eat rotten apples to vomit the snake out. Meanwhile the victim can't comprehend why this Holy Man is being so cruel to him.

So my question is whether and how your feelings have evolved in the 33 years since Communion about the intentions of the beings that were abducting you. Do you still feel that they were benign, helpful, and doers of good, perhaps somewhat like the Holy Man in that Rumi poem? Or do you ever feel that they were perhaps a bit more like pirates, without much regard for you?

And do you feel that they were all the same, and part of the same group, or that there were perhaps a number of different beings with different intentions doing their abducting of you?

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